Saturday, 9 January 2016

From SidneyR - A Lannister (or a Roundwood) always pays his debts! (50 Points)

As befits all of the contestants in this, and previous, Analogue Hobbies Challenges, I like to consider myself a person of honour.

However, dear fellow-contestants I confess that my standards of punctuality in painting have not always (or, indeed, ever) been ideal.

Enthusiastic” is a word which could be used to describe me. “Organised”, “timely”, “early” or “efficient” are words which would not be used, even by my own dear family, to describe Sidney Roundwood.

It is therefore with deep shame that I confess before you all that I have failed to deliver in a timely manner on previous obligations of two painted miniatures for the Fourth and Fifth Challenges …. the required Curt-geld of legend.

I know. It is shocking. Deeply shocking …

But there is more …

Some of you may also remember the two unsuccessful duels fought by me with Curt in the Fourth and Fifth Challenges … with the wager of one completed grey-scale miniature for each contest. Although made a reasonable stab at completing my figure target in the Fourth Challenge, my Challenge last year (the Fifth) fizzled out. The victor in both contests – one Mr. C. Campbell Esq., of Regina, Canada.  And yes, as you may have guessed, circumstances had conspired to make the delivery of Mr Campbell’s prizes somewhat late also …

Some of you may by this point in this post now be too overcome to read more ...

There is, however, a happy ending. So read on, dear fellow-contestants.

In my own defence, and although Curt was far too much of a gentleman ever to remind me, my failure to deliver these four miniatures has been engraved on my mind for months! The models have looked at me, accusingly and scowling for month after month, season after season, so much so that in starting this Challenge, I made a promise to myself (and the said silent scowling miniatures) to get them done first.

So here they are – my (very late) Curt-geld from the fourth and fifth Challenges and Curt’s duelling prizes. 

First up – one of the Wild Bunch, with a touch of the Warren Oates about him. Advancing in years (like so many of us), but deadly, none-the-less.

Second – a very nice figure of a VergeltungsWaffenTruppenfűhrer (boo! hiss!), which I thought would fit with Curt’s evil rocket troops as they embark on some new dastardly plot with their loathsome Retaliation Weapons. 

And, finally, two greyscale heroes of the Great War – one a British cavalry officer, with a touch of the Tom Hiddelstone about him, and the second – well, that dimple should give it all away. It’s a Scarab Miniature of Kirk Douglas storming (or trying to storm) "The Anthill". Maybe this time you'll make it, Kirk ... 

They say, a Lannister always pays his debts …. 

… and, finally, I can justly claim that a Roundwood does also! 

Ahh, this is fantastic work Sidney! The two WWI greyscale models (with their evocative flourishes of colour) will be honoured additions to my collection. In addition, I can see both the grizzled Mr. Oats and the ranting Rocket Trooper as future villains in our upcoming Pulp games. Absolutely brilliant.
It would be negligent of me not to give a just reward for such wonderful figures, especially as you did not benefit from them in the previous Challenges.  50 points for you Mr. Roundwood, paid in full and thank you very much!


  1. You can't rush quality work. It takes as long as it takes. Lovely stuff Sidney!

  2. Cracking set of figures! I do like the greyscale chaps with the hats picked out - inspired.

  3. I'm sure Curt's gonna love the figures. Top work!!!

  4. Nice figures. Better late than never, but with luck you may get this years Curt-geld done for the bonus round. My fingers are crossed for you.

  5. Excellent work, Sidney - as an (ahem) artisan-level producer, I know that you can't hurry these things!

  6. Beautiful work Sidney. You simply can't rush such things :)

  7. late wake up of Sidney Roundwood but excellent start. love all the models!!

  8. Excellent work Sidney and I'm sure Curt is pleased as punch to get them!


  9. Excellent stuff Sidney.
    Cheers Peter

  10. Fabulous figures Sidney and well worth waiting for I'd say.

  11. Beautiful work on them all, Sidney!

  12. Very distinctive and fine work as always Sidney, well worth the wait and much better than rushing things.

  13. Fantastic stuff. Those black and white ones are especially good!

  14. Thanks everyone! Your comments and thoughtfulness concerning the slowness of my brush are much appreciated!

  15. Nothing quite like settling a long-standing debt. Very nice work!

  16. The greyscale miniatures are superb! Absolutely splendid work - a touch above your usual amazing WWI.