Saturday, 9 January 2016

From MartinN - Curtgeld: Han Solo (20 Points)

Finaly I'm able to submit my very first entry to this years challenge. May I present to you my latest project,  a terrain build in 1/1 scale:

State of the kitchen Friday evening

The lovely Mrs. Moiterei and me bought a flat in the heart of Nuernberg a few years ago. Now we're slowly about to renovate it. This year it was the kitchens turn to get a full make over. The walls were scraped clean of wallpapers, the seams between the sheetrocks newly filled and sanded, and the floor and one side were finaly tiled. Well, what's still to do? Plenty I'd say! Plastering the walls, building a new ceiling with integrated LED spots and assembling the new kitchen... With last years challenge also hampered by building works, my big goal is to be able to participate in next years challenge with the flat completely renovated and me taking full advantage of 4 weeks of winter holidays.

Well ok. As I suppose Curt isn't anymore likely to grant points for a terrain build , even if it's 1/1, than he is for office furniture, I should get on with something relevant I guess.

So here's my Curtgeld for this year. A (slightly larger than) 28mm Han Solo miniature from the Rebel Assault board game by Fantasy Flight Games. Actually this was planed to be my submission for the Nostalgia bonus round, but for reasons mentioned above I simply didn't get it done in time. So instead of waiting to submit it for the last bonus round (gamblers/ risk takers) I finally wanted to be on the roster. For god knows when I come around to paint something else than the kitchen...

So why Han Solo as Curtgeld and why Nostalgia, you may ask. As you're all aware Curt has asked us for a miniature of a gambler and/ or risk taker. Anybody who knows the original three Star Wars movies will know Han Solo fits both rolls perfectly. He's a daredevil par excellence and when he's not risking his or the lives of his comrades he likes to play Sabbac (a Sci-Fi kind of Poker I'd say). And therefore he's also literally a gambler.

And why Nostalgia? Well, Star Wars was one of the very first movies I can remember watching together with my father as a child. Since the very first moment I was hooked by this epic tale of good versus bad. It never really let me go and always was a part of my life, one way or the other. Be it for books I read, toys I collected or even video games I played. Fond memories of X-Wing vs. TIE-Fighter on my very first PC spring to mind....

Well, I disgress. Han Solo always was the character I loved the most. No Luke Skywalker, no Princess Leia, no Darth Vader, for me it was Harrison Ford as Han Solo who made the movies to what they are.

Due to the material used the figure was a pain in the back to clean but, except for some weak detail on the sleeves, was a joy to paint. In my opinion it captures the character perfectly and is a must have for any avid Star Wars enthusiast.

What a lovely figure Nick and a superb choice for your interpretation of Risk Taker / Gambler. Han is my favourite Star Wars character as well so I'm completely stoked at the prospects of having one of my very own Solo/Moiterei's in the display cabinet.
I'm pleasantly surprised this figure is from the Imperial Assault boardgame as it's a wonderful model - very dynamic, with that classic pose of Han fighting off the Imperial Troopers at Mos Eisley.
Thanks so much Nick and best of luck on your 1:1 'terrain' project. I've been there a few times so I feel your pain!


  1. That's a corker Nick! I thought it was bigger at first you've done such a good job on it.

  2. Oh dear! It seems that Miles has managed to spread his affliction to Nick! ;)

    Cracking paintjob! :)

    I did think of doing Han, or maybe his old gambling buddy Lando. I might still do Lando if I can find a suitable figure.

  3. Fantastic, as expected. Your brushwork is tremendous

  4. Han Solo at the height of his powers (Though I did enjoy his latest incarnation as 'Han Solo, Grumpy Old Man'!).

    Great work, anyone who can paint during a kitchen reno deserves the plaudits of their peers!

  5. This looks great - it's so nice to see anything Star Wars that isn't promoting a product!

    And any 1/1 scale is the worst - a kitchen reno at that! I can't imagine...

    Well done!

  6. We renovated 8 rooms this year and it left me with no real time for painting. I hope you get it finished and don't encounter any unexpected delays.

    Your brushwork on this piece is brilliant!

  7. Han looks very good. But too many words from me will lessen just how good. Brilliant

  8. Fantastic painting, the flesh and material highlighting is superb.

  9. Really good brushwork! Han looks fantastic, and you remembered the Corellian Blood stripe too!
    I agree on the difficulty too, 1-1 terrain build on a kitchen and mini painting! I hope my wife doesn't spy this, she might think I have free time available! ;)

  10. Superb work Nick on an iconic fan favourite! Hopefully you will find a few spare moments to paint with that kitchen in the way of having fun!


  11. Great job on this figure. It definitely ticks all the buttons.

  12. Impressive. Most impressive.

  13. Brilliant work, Nick - you've really brought him to life!

  14. Very, very nice! Good luck with that terrain project...