Saturday, 2 January 2016

From ChrisH - Warmachine Khador (75 Points)

There is a nice little story about these miniatures. Around 18 months ago I went in a demonstration game at a convention called Winter Con in Canberra Australia.  I had a turn at a game called Warmachine and I thought “Wow I like the mechanics, the miniatures are nice and the chaps running the demo seem to know what they are doing. Alas I don’t really need another game.” Well a couple of weeks later I get an email saying that I had won the boxed set of Warmachine. 

Oh no this sounds like a slippery slope and sure enough.

What you see before you are my latest absolutely not needed purchases of Warmachine Khador miniatures, a solo known as a Manhunter (actually a Christmas present from my mother in law, bless her), a command set for the Winter Guard, two Rocketeer attachments and a full unit of 10 troopers of Winter Guard split into units of 5 for photographic ease.

Winter Guard

I think this nets me 5 points X 15 thus 75 points. 
Oh, and no, I have not played a game of it yet but plan on making 35 points for two of the forces that came in the boxed game and getting a couple of games in with these. I am only 3 points short for the Khador force but around 12 points short for the Menoth force. For those not familiar with the game please look it up it looks like fun.

First, welcome aboard Chris! It's great to have a new victim, er, participant for the Challenge!

You've done beautiful work on these figures. I really like their uniforms with the red against the dark blue-grey - very sharp. I'm not familiar with the game but I know it's quite popular around these parts, especially with those who wanted to move away from 40K but still wanted to stay within a Sci-Fi setting.
These are worth 75 points for your debut on the Challenge roster. Again, welcome to the fun Chris!


  1. Welcome to the madhouse Chris! I've never had any desire to own or paint Warmahordes stuff until now. These are really, really nice and I can see myself doing something similar. Lets hope I don't win any!

  2. Welcome, and great painting work!

  3. A slippery slope you say. Enjoy the ride I say! WElcome to the challenge and I for one would welcome seeing more.

  4. "Welcome to the asylum Chris. Nurse Burnett will take you to your padded room; Nurse Roussell will be along shortly with your medication."

    Very nice painting :)

  5. Thanks for the positive comments everyone. This should be a bit of fun, so long as the medication keeps me licking those brushes.

  6. Excellent work Chris. I have never played Warmachine and fear if I do, I'll add yet another game to the collection which I just don't need

    Your quality painting makes them even more tempting!

    Stick with licking the brushed and don't take hits directly from the paint bottles - the rides too intense, man

  7. Nice job on these figures. You do make the game look awfully tempting.

  8. Nice job - war machine is one of those games I tried, bought a force for, played a bit but our gaming group didn't like it..... So for once I'm safe for temptation as I even had Khador models!

  9. I am more of a Signar kind of man but I dig these a lot too!

  10. Very nice. These could tempt a few others into "absolutely not needed purchases".

  11. What a good start to your first challenge,


  12. These look great! I've got some Warmahordes figures in my queue as well. I have to say I like collecting and painting the figures much more than I actually like playing the game itself (nothing wrong with the rules, but they emphasize elements of gameplay I don't care for as much). Khador and Menoth have always been favorites of mine. Got any 'jacks coming up?

  13. Very good work on the Khador posse! The man hunter is aces!