Saturday, 30 January 2016

From TamsinP - 28mm Howl's It Going? (28 Points)

Another entry from me for this weekend (probably my last, but you never know...)

As what should have been a very quick and simple batch of figures to paint, I of course decided to overcomplicate things (alternating grey and brown dry-brushes interspersed with black, sepia and flesh-shade washes), make a bit of a mess of it all and have to spend quite a while recovering the paint jobs In other words, these took at least twice as long as they should have done.

Some close-ups:

And posing with an Aztec (for size comparison):

The two larger wolves are from Wargames Foundry, the four smaller ones are from Warbases. These will be part of my collection of beasties wandering Mexicagrave.

I'm not sure how Curt will want to score these. The two Foundry wolves are about the size of a 28mm foot figure; the Warbases ones are a bit smaller, maybe 20mm foot?

Great stuff Tamsin. I think many of us can sympathize with being caught-up in the time-suck of doing what was at first an easy figure, which ends up being incredibly time consuming. That all being said, your work paid off as these are very nice wolves, I really like the one howling and the other that's at a full run.


  1. Great job Tamsin. A "quick and simple" job that gets "overcomplicated" - sounds like a standard approach for good hobby fun :)

  2. Nice wolves Tamsin! Quick and simple is often quite the opposite. I just spent 2 hours "speed painting" one troll :-)

  3. nice addition to your Mexicagrave!
    our hobby is the way of patience,learning and humility.
    GillesW "Zen attitude;-)"

  4. Cats AND dogs? You starting a zoo or something?
    ; )

    Great work, Tamsin!

  5. You are now using my method of painting Tamsin. Do it, screw it up, paint over it and start again. Now you know why I'm so damn slow.

    Nice job on these girl!

  6. I do love the idea of Mexigrave and you continue to carry it out incredibly well. Great stuff, keep it coming

  7. These will really be fearsome furry foes on the tabletop I am sure, they look the part anyway!

  8. Great wolves, Tamsin! Loving the Aztecs too....keep 'em coming!

  9. Great looking wolves Tamsin! Definitely well worth the time.

  10. Lovely wolves, don't want to bump into them though


  11. @ Curt - thanks! I think such occurrences are entirely self-inflicted. We see a simple figure, think "I can make this really spectacular if I ..." and then it just doesn't work out like that.

    ps - those are my favourite ones as well :)

    @ Greg - cheers!

    @ Millsy - thanks! 2 hours to speed-paint a troll? I take it something didn't go quite to plan ;)

    @ Gilles - the thing is, they looked fine when I finished the first session, then something happened overnight and they looked a bit pink the next day :o

    @ Evan - cheers! More of a safari park I think - they'll be roaming around rather than caged :)

    @ Anne - cheers, m'dear! I believe that it is a common method of getting to the finish line ;)

    @ Peter - thanks! :)

    @ Barks - indeed. They can do service across a multitude of games and settings :)

    @ Clint - thanks! :)

    @ Jamie - cheers! :)

    @ Sander - cheers! They should be quite useful for thinning out the ranks of adventurers exploring Mexicagrave :)

    @ Sidney - thanks! I've only got a few more Aztecs and animals to paint up at the moment - need to order some more I think :)

    @ Moiterei - cheers! Worth the time spent on getting them right :)

    @ Ian - thanks! They do look pretty mean :)

  12. Lovely work, Tamsin! The ends are what counts and they look very nice and ready for a forest run! ;)

  13. Very nice, I have had a few horses that didn't cooperate when painted like your wolves. It does cut into your time but in the end they get painted despite the swearing. cheers

  14. @ David B - thanks! They certainly look ready for a run somewhere :)

    @ Ray - my word! A badger that goes "woof!" :p

    @ Brendon - cheers! :)