Monday, 1 February 2016

From Adamc: 12 Ral Partha spearmen (60 Points)

I picked these guys up at Huzzahs! I believe they are supposed to be Normans I'm going to use them in Dragon Rampant.

But I kept them reasonable for historic games if its possible.

I did the first six in Blue cloaks and plumes 

 I did the second set of six in red cloaks and plumes

The green and white banners on the spears...

and the same on the shields will tie them together and work with the White Willow Warriors I did earlier.

As you can see these guys will work as two units or one larger unit and I hope to get them in the field soon.

Those definitely have that Ral Partha circe 1982 look to them Adam, I remember those spear with the bulky heads and banners.  The armour and the crested helmets say Byzantine to me.
You are quite right that these can be used in many generic fantasy roles and you've done a great job on painting them.  I like the way that your washes work on the armour and faces.  Great job on the cloaks and shields too.  12 Ral Partha spearmen =60 points.


  1. Thank Your Peter, you might be right about the figures, the box is unlabled other than a 4 digit number so they may well be Byzantine. I got three blisters for $2.00 each so I wasn't worried about it. The Wash is Secret Weapon Flesh Wash if you curious and its great on faces, and dark cloths or leathers.

  2. Nice work Adam! :)

    Not sure about this idea of a "lager" unit, being a Guinness drinker myself ;)

    1. Thanks for picking that out! I'm a wine drinkier myself so I better fix that.

  3. They do look like byzantines to me and lovely with it.

    1. Glad you like them. I have another pack of Six that may make an apearence.

  4. I really like the way you hold these together, will work very well with the earlier RP entry


  5. Nicely done. I think you are right that they can be used as both fantasy and historical Lion/Dragon Rampant. And what good troops they will be as well. heavy defensive spearman!