Monday, 1 February 2016

From MarkO Epic Chaos - 144 points

A horde of Epic 6mm to add to my Black Legion forces for Epic Armageddon. Black means a nice quick paint job, on quite a mix of miniatures here!

Some old Beasts of Nurgle.

Edenite Assault Troops from Steel Crown, currently out of production but apparently the company has been sold to a new owner who'll be starting up again soon this year. Keep wanting to do some more to these but they'll do for now.

Edenite walkers. Big beefy units I'll use as Obliterators or similar.

Some conversions of the old plastic rhinos here, to make some Chaos Vindicators and Stalkers/Hunters.

Old plastic Whirlwinds converted into Predator Tanks with addition of a main turret from Ork tanks, and sponsoons are the spare arms from the Edenite Walkers above.

The classic old WW1 style Landraider. And a line of faithful plastic Rhino APC's behind.

100 x infantry = 50 points, 47 vehicles = 94 points.
Total 144 points, including for 6mm side challenge.

One thing about this Minion gig is I get exposed to stuff I would otherwise never encounter (and I don't mean those Nurgle Beasts).  For me Games Workshop, SciFi gaming and micro armour are way off my Venn Diagram of interest.  

But hey mark, I really like these guys. There's some goofy looking tanks in the mix, some nice conversion work and those Beasts look like they walked off the Ghostbuster's set.  Well done and thanks for the exposure.


  1. Nice painting on these micro boys :)

  2. Epic - right on! Nice work Mark, and some excellent conversions in there.

    Too bad re: Steel Crown Productions...had not heard they had ceased production...

  3. Another great submission for you, seems all three of us will be on similar figures when the points are totted up


  4. A great looking force Mark! Good to hear Steel Crown might be making a return as they have some very nice product.

  5. Very nice! Are those autocannon muzzles on the Rhinos?!

  6. Brilliant stuff! Seeing those first ever plastic vehicles from the boxed set brought to life is great and you've domes cracking job on these to get a really good looking force together.

  7. Thanks all! Not sure what the cannons are on the Rhinos Barks, just looked suitable so stuck them on :)

  8. A very nice chaos horde. Top job

  9. Aaaahhh.... more gorgeous Epic stuff.... must resist.....

  10. Going back through old entries I missed, and this is fantastic! Always happy to see more Epic. :)