Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Nick's Challenge - I'm Still No Bavarian!

Wow, how time flies. It's end of march again, the challenge is over for just over a week and the trees outside are (sloooooowly) getting greener.

It was a great ride with our beloved Snowlord at the head again, the minions keeping everything (and everybody) right on track and my fellow participants arranging for the daily dose of eye candy.

Thank you all!

This year saw me only submitting to one of the bonus rounds. This was mostly due to a severe lack of time as well as the desire to get as much stuff done which would count in Chris' and my little Bavarian (Curt we still have to discuss that particular matter... Bavarian... pahh!) side duel. While Chris may have won that particular contest (and well deserved at that too), it proofed to be a much needed incentive to get up my sorry backside and get going. Thank you Chris, your price will be worked on in the (hopefully) not too distant future!

Schaeffers last Chancers

Late Roman Ballistae

US winter GI's...

...and the accompanying halftrack. Now in G'old Britain.

My only Bonus Round entry - Let it rip!

Curtgeld - Han Solo

82nd Airborne Division

Cold War gone hot

And last but not least the mug-shot as requested by our esteemed leader. I wasn't quite sure if I'd be able to convince my camera of taking a vaguely gracious picture of yours truly. So instead of taking chances I went for one where a little, but steely beauty would distract attention as much as possible. It was taken on the trip home from Tactica in February when the missus and I stopped by the German Tank Museum in Munster near Hamburg. If you, like me, should happen to have a soft spot for Tanks (for the most part German in this case) and be in the vicinity of Hamburg I do highly recommend you to pay a visit to that little gem of a museum.

Panzer 38(t) for scale reference only


  1. Well done Martin. Love the ballista and crew mist of all, but it's all great.

  2. Just outstanding brushwork all around. In particular, the ancients got my attention, but your Team Yankee 15mm is awesome too! Hope that project continues to roll...

  3. Some really beautiful work. Well done Nick.

  4. You sure kept up an amazing standard throughout the challenge! Great work Nick!

    Agreed on the Tank Museum. Visited it when I was living in Aachen. Great place! And a great tank choice ;) Skoda makes some quite nice vehicles even to this day (though I imagine driving one if you are a German counts as blasphemy). At least the technology is from Volkswagen and Audi on them :)

  5. Great work Nick, especially the machine gun team. Well done!

  6. consistently brilliant work. The faces are always a triumph and the weathering on the half-track was superb.

  7. Fantastic work Nick all around! No question you were a big help in motivating me to the painting desk in our challenge. Looking forward to next year and maybe you'll get your revenge then(not if I can help it). I really do need to visit that museum next time I'm in Hamburg.


  8. Really have done some impressive painting, the winter yanks are great

  9. Very fine work, Martin! I do enjoy looking at your work especially those vicks! The half track was very well done and the cold war Russians were definitely top shelf work! ;)

  10. Love the halftrack the most out of your work mate. Great colors there and work.. I wish I spent more time on mine to get them to this level, or to know how to paint tanks this well in general! Great work!

  11. High quality work photographed really well. Top stuff. Cheers

  12. Absolutely fabulous collection Nick! I especially liked the late Roman ballistae and crew.