Wednesday, 30 March 2016

BrendonWs Challenge - Painting to Motorhead

What a trip! The Challenge experience I find is hugely motivating. This time round I think I had done an excellent amount of prep. However I still had to do a lot of builds during the challenge. It was definitely year of the horse for me with expansion of my Mongols and Light Horse for the Red and Black from the previous challenge. An Arabian style army was started and will have a few more additions. I had 3 horses painted but no riders completed by the end of the challenge so they missed out on adding to the point total. If you want to see how they end up go and see my Blog.

Might be a few missing in the photo above but you get the idea. In order to stay focused on my own goals I only entered one theme challenge and that was the very last one. But I really enjoyed seeing everyone's responses to them. You just never know what fellow painters will create.

During the challenge...
  • I was sad when I got the news that Lemmy had gone as Motorhead's music is a constant painting companion. I couldn't listen to them for a few weeks after that news. We also saw the departure of Bowie.
  • I managed to introduce Millsy to a bomb run on my first postings's Millsy and he loves hard work.
  • I had the Grandkids visit which was great fun. Another one due really soon.
  • Over the Challenge it's supposed to be the Wet Season here in Darwin, NT, Australia. Yep, Stay inside and paint. However Feb was our driest and hottest Feb since the long, long ago. Very suck!
  • I actually got some games played during the challenge as well.
Looking forward to seeing you all next time round.

This is me leaning over the horde in the shade of the Tiki Bar (backyard).
All photos of miniatures are taken here and cold beer is consumed and meat is Barbecued.

Just in case you do not have the correct attitude see video above to help you find it.

CHEERS! From BrendonW.


  1. A first-rate assembly of figs, Brendon - I especially like your Beer and Bacon boys and the nomad hordes!

  2. That's a wonderful looking collection. Great job Brendon

  3. It really was the year of the horse! Great collection of them and really nicely painted as I find them tricky little blighters.

  4. Great stuff your Red and Black army is awsome and that dragon was a favorite of mine.

  5. Really nice work on all that cavalry.

  6. Grand work on all, Brendon, including that big red beastie! ;) always a pleasure to see the beer and Bacon troops too! BBQ and beer sounds like a very fine notion! ;)

  7. Wonderful stuff Brendon. I really like your results on those Perry plastics, you inspired me to get into Renaissance gaming! Enjoy a cold beer and a hot shrimp.
    Cheers Peter

  8. So many horses.. so great there.. congrats on the success here!

  9. Excellent painting throughout the challenge!

  10. Brilliant work Brendon. Always a pleasure having you amongst us. Until next time.