Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Chris' Challenge - What a Mug!

Well as requested by our overlord, the mug shot and then the shiny newly painted toys on mass.

I forgot to put two in the collection and sold the Napoleonic Brits so they are included as an addendum.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's efforts arrayed. I wrote the list for myself and thought gee that is a lot but upon putting it on the table it was not as much as first thought but then it is also around 4 times the amount I would have done. Hope you all had a similar result.

Photogenic mugshot (I hate selfies)

Just about all of it

taken from above
addendum 1

sold at a bring and buy

addendum 2 as I forgot I submitted these until too late to put with everything else


  1. Great work Chris. I really like that Gorgon you did!

  2. I'm really going to have to lift my game to get anywhere near your output next time - splendid stuff, Chris, especially the Napoleonic Brits!

  3. Nice collection there Chris :)

  4. Grand work, Chris! Lots of fine stuff there icluding the Khador manhunt er and the British Napoleonic you sold! ;)

  5. Great output over the challenge.