Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Greg's Challenge - Preparing for Sweet, Sweet Revenge

The whole pile...or most of it, anyway - I think I forgot a few items...

Another exciting, brush-breaking, wine-consuming, new-swear-word-discovering, thrilling outing in the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. What fun! And thanks to Curt for this opportunity to review my meandering progress through the whole thing...

Epic 30k Imperial Fists (Tamsin's favourite, I think)

Epic 30k Sons of Horus
Epic 30k assortment - Death Guard, Imperial Fists and a Sons of Horus tank
System Troopers from Pig Iron (now OOP! Sniff...)
More assorted Epic 30k bad boys
Yanks for Team Yankee
The Raven Guard arrive
Some targets for the Sylvain's Viet-Cron
Curtgeld - Cally Samstag and her friends, stout defenders of Orestes
WarPac tanks, helos and motor rifles for "Team Yankee" - have to say I loved this...
More 15mm grunts - US for Team Yankee
Another Raven Guard squad
And some Raven Guard command to wrap things up...

A big thing for me this year - I got over myself, and participated in all of the theme challenges! I pale to some of the masters in those battles (Millsy, Mr. Roundwood, Michael, Tamsin etc), but it was a lot of fun...

Nostalgia - some old Citadel Imperial Guardsmen from the Rogue Trader days
Epic Fail - toasted Syrian T-55 from Peter Pig
Defensive Terrain - whacko gothic space turret for GW's 30k/40k - I actually painted terrain! It happens!
Amour - insert your caption here, with these two fine sculpts from Wargames Foundry
Nautical - the frigate "Eisenstein"
Risk Taker - a Tau gunslinger
Three side duels, three losses - but as a fan of the Winnipeg Jets, well, that sounds about right. I'm already working on Jamie's figure.  Byron and DavidB, be sure to get your requests in (and I'm already predicting Byron might want some Iraqi tanks for his amazing M1s to light up, but we'll see...)

A special thanks again to my fellow Minions, and to my great friend Curt for assembling the whole gong show and for offering the opportunity to be part of the production.  And a big "thank-you" again to the Friday crew - as I'm sure you'll note, the body of work from the Fridays this past year is just superior... :)

My wife lets my paint right in the middle of the kitchen - is she a saint, or what???

I'm already looking forward to next year.  Specifically, I'll be hoping for another duel with Jamie - this one fueled by revenge! Pick your next Legion - I hope to be on to the Imperial Fists by then, but who knows...or maybe I'll have abandoned my sci-fi focus.  That seems unlikely today, but a year is like...a whole year away.  Maybe by then I'll be diving like a madman into more horse & musket stuff.  Or ancients.  I would paint some ancients if I could just @#%@ing figure out where to start. Who knows what will be in the pending pile by the time of AHPC VII?

That's the real beauty of this hobby...whatever whacko stuff happens at work, day or night, I can pick up my brush, my latest miniature obsessions, and just start painting.  It's magic.

I do hope to keep in touch with as many of you as possible, either here or over on the Fawcett Avenue Conscripts blog.  See you again soon! Now, back to that kitchen table, as some more Raven Guard await...


  1. Greg, even though you weren't victorious in any of your duels your work was a complete triumph. I'm so impressed you took part in all the Themes and still managed to give good credence with your personal duels. I especially like your 30K Epic stuff. It was incredible to be able to play with those little guys on the tabletop.

    As I mentioned to you when you submitted your personal pic, I think it's really sweet that you're wearing the team jersey for your favorite cross-gender lacrosse team. You gotta keep the faith man! ;)

  2. Terrific work, Greg, especially that Tau Gunslinger - he is a helluva find!

    Really impressed by the standard of your small scale work as well; this Challenge has been a real eye-opener with so much cool stuff in 10mm and under!

  3. Another very impressive figure count! Really enjoyed the Team Yankee material in particular! Thanks for the work on Fridays.


  4. A fine exhibition of painting regardless of your duels, so a good job done.

  5. The Epic warhammer stuff is really nicely done

  6. A quality collection among that lot. Great to see another face behind the brush. Cheers

  7. Loooove the Epic stuff, but you know that already ;-)
    Great challenge you had, lots of it!

  8. Lots of very fine stuff,Greg! Besides the epic scale entries( reminds me I've not even primered mine) I really liked your Ravenguard Marines. It was also nice to see the team Yankee Soviet stuff painted too as I've seen a lot of builds but very little painted. They do look nice completed.
    Thanks for the Minion-ING on Friday too, it was a lot of fun. My wife allows me to paint in one messy corner of the living room, but I suspect that is how she can keep an eye on me! ;)
    Suprises work well for me, I'm wondering what the Scifi fireteam is going to look like between you , Sylvain, and Sean. Probably a mean looking merc crew! ;)

  9. Some of your figures are the best I have seen in the Challenge Greg.I am also impressed with their consistency.

    Do you really paint in your Jets jersey!

    1. The jersey is on for all TV games, and I actually get quite a bit painted while I'm wearing it! It's good luck for my painting...for the team itself, the results are mixed, however...

  10. Well done Greg.. The team Yankee stuff is intriguing. And while whatever k is not my cup of tea, I love the paint jobs you've achieved on those figs.

  11. Brilliant throughout Greg, those lenses are genius, I just don't have the patience! Thanks for minioning us on Friday and for the push I needed in the Duel to get the 30k stuff done as I wouldn't have done half as much otherwise.... thanks must also go to Battlefront for distracting you with all those Cold War goodies!

    definitely up for another challenge next year - I'm already two legions in and there's every chance there could be a third..... or some of those 30k era Imperial Guard would be nice... or as you say perhaps something totally different in 9 months time!

    1. The Solar Auxilia are some of the coolest sculpts to ever come out of GW...just saying :)

  12. Wonderful work all round Greg! I highly enjoyed each and every one of your posts but i've got to say your Team Yankee stuff really inpired me. More of it, please!

  13. Impressive work all around Greg! Especially those Epic miniatures! Amazing paintjobs for such small minis!

    Don't worry, the Jets are bound to bounce back sometime. Getting early picks in the drafts is going to have to start working out at some point :)

  14. Nice collection of everything shown there.. amazing, and great quality too! Until the next one!