Friday, 11 March 2016

From AlexS - Romano-British Warlord (5points)

Recently, I have read the rules Dux Britanniaum created by TooFatLardies, and loved them. I liked the idea of mixing an RPG and a wargame, sound mechanics to show clashes and attention to the creations of the players, not to sell their own line of miniatures (unlike others who shout at us: "Buy our brilliant miniatures, buy!").

I decided to gather a small army of the Romano-British, and the first miniature in it became the leader, who started losing fated war against the invaders-Saxons. So, let me introduce:
Name: Gaius Veturius Callipogon 
Fraction: Romano-British
Kingdom: Dumnonia
Age: 33
Physique: Of Average build
Reputation: Execucioner
Character Attributes: Devout
Background: Son of Centurion
Wealth: A beggars' bowl

Hi Alex! Great to get another submission from you to kick off my final Friday of minion duties. While I am not familiar with the Dux Britanniaum rules myself, I have played the other innovative rules sold by the TooFatLardies and I share your enthusiasm for their game systems.  It's great to see they have snagged another convert!

This warlord is a beautiful figure, and I think your excellent brushwork shines through again.  The colours of the cloak/robe and the white on the sleeves and the pants have great depth and excellently subtlety which brings to mind the work of other brush ninjas like Anne and Christopher. I look forward to seeing the others join his band, to build on his current wealth. He won't be purchasing any figures himself with his "beggar's bowl". 

Another five points for your Alex - great stuff.


  1. Great looking figure Dux is a good game, JohnM and I did enjoy our campaign.

  2. What a splendid figure. Very nice.

  3. Nice one, I recently converted to Dux as well and am really looking forward to starting my own forces, so thanks for the inspiration.

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  5. Now that is really nice work - well done, Alex!

    And is that the Gripping Beast Scots Warlord, now with added trousers? If so, nice conversion!
    : )

  6. Really nice work. Excellent. cheers mate.

  7. Very nice work,Alex! I really like his sheild and the color palette you used on him too!