Friday, 11 March 2016

From SamuliS: Wehrmacht 28mm Support (95 points)

Phew! Just in time for the friday slot with a mad basing rush in the evening. And in time for our Bolt Action game day tomorrow. These 13 miniatures and guns are the last Wehrmacht minis that I had originally bought and based sometime in 2013-14 and subsequently forgotten in the depths of my miniatures drawer. I guess it was high time to get the painted and away from the long WIP list.

All of them are Warlord Games metal minis. They are actually mostly quite bad sculpts with loads of soft  detail in places and plenty of cleaning up to do. Warlord's sculpts are bit of a mixed bag with some great characterful sculpts, but then some of them just look dated and not very well done. I really liked the Red Devils that I did a few years ago, but these Germans haven't really been up to the same level. Also these minis got flooded twice during last week when I managed to spill my brush rinsing glass over a couple of times. As I'm using some Sarissa weapons team bases with them the bottoms are cardboard and a few of them were a bit messed up and had to be replaced. Luckily I had some extras and no real base work needed to be redone so in the end it wasn't too bad.

A 81mm mortar team and a Forward Observation Officer with the traditional "crab glasses".

I decided to try improve my camo work this time around and took some tips from Nick's excellent tutorial. To keep it a bit simpler I left out the rain drops as I hadn't done any before and didn't feel like going back through 50 or so Germans to add them to previous minis as well. Still turned out quite nicely even if I say so myself! I also tried to do an OSL effect on the Flamethrower crew, but it just ended up looking horrible so he was painted up again in a normal way. I'll really need to practice that though as it would really be a cool addition on miniatures like these.

Panzerfaust, Flamethrower and MG42 teams

With these out of the way it's back to finalizing the last few entries. I have a Saxon Regiment nearing completion and I've finally started on my Curtgeld entry. There's also the my Secret Santa gift that has been waiting for embarrassingly long. With those three entries I should see myself cross the 1000 point line and succeed in achieving my goal! So it's back to the painting desk again!
Great work Samuli.  The colours, cammo and basework are all top-shelf here, very well done.  In fact that chap with the flamethrower leaves me feeling nice and warm down here in my cold spring basement in Winnipeg! 

Whatever issues you encountered with Warlord's hit-and-miss quality (something I have seen myself and often hear of from my gaming friends), and in spite of your own repeated attempts to flood your figures, you are getting excellent results :)  These fellows look the business, and should do nicely in Bolt Action (and other games). 

That is another 95 points for you, but don't enjoy them for long. Get back to work! That 1000-point target won't meet itself, and won't have any members of the Friday crew sliding off course now with the end so close in sight...


  1. Really great looking Germans in particular the flame thrower effects!


  2. Nice weapons teams Samuli :)

  3. Flamethrouwer is excellent

  4. Very fine weapon teams, Samuli! I rely like the flame thrower team!
    I came up short today as I had Overime at work and I too tried OSL with bad results as well. I also suffered a bout of ADD and added too many minis to the painting desk....we'll see if I can make up lost time next week!

  5. Great stuff kind sir! The flame effect is indeed superb but the other figures are equally crisply painted!

  6. I like the crisp and clean camouflage, and the flamethrower goggles!

  7. Really good finish on these , and I guess spilling the brush water comes second to drinking it!

    1. I really hope I won't make that mistake ever! I'd imagine the taste would be far from pleasurable.

  8. Simply awesome Samuli! Your work on the flamer is excellent. Glad my small guide was of some use to you. The results certainly do look the part.

  9. Every so often you see something and just think "Wow!"

  10. Lovely job on these. All of them look great. I have to say, since I painted the spotter team about two years ago, they are some of my favorite WWII minis and you really did them justice!