Friday, 11 March 2016

From GillesW - Far to be Byzance! (60 points)

Hi Everyone! Not so far from my goal of 1515 points after this submission, but I'll still have to paint 300 points in nine nights (ouch!).

This week it was the "great anything". I've been diverted by Rome Total War 2 and only painted a Basileus for my Thematic Byzantine project and few skirmishers. My choice for leader went to Romanos I Lekapenos, a low-born admiral who became emperor circa 920AD. The guy is very classy with his red boots!!

The figure is from Outpost Miniatures Range like the musician, the standard bearer is from Alain Touller Figures' Nikephorian range. The standard is the "Iconic" Lady of Blachernae.

Up next is the small group of Byzantine staff slingers from Essex Miniatures. There's only one pose but they are easy to paint.

I also painted some Isaurian light infantrymen. The figures are actually Dacians from Essex Miniatures with plastic spears, but they 'll do the business and work just fine at this scale.

Now the countdown is beginning!
Salut Gilles - the countdown is indeed on, and if anyone in the group is going to blast out 300 points in the remaining days of the Challenge, I expect many out there will join me in assuming The French Jester will be more than up to the task.  Another batch of wonderful ancients for us to enjoy, touching on a period of special interest to me - the Byzantines! Red boots for the boss are cool indeed, and that command stand is particularly nice.  I love that banner too - the look of Byzantine art, paintings and imagery just mezmerize me for some reason.  The Basileus will have a great time on the gaming table, I'm sure.

Great work all around, et une autre 60 point pour vous! A la prochaine!


  1. Byzantines are always fun - great job on these fellows, Gilles, they're superbly finished and look far too polished for 15s!

  2. Very nice work on these Gilles :)

  3. Grand work again on the wee ones, Giles! Very nice colors on em all!

  4. Very colourful entry, well done!

  5. Most impressive Gilles! The red boots are a nice touch indeed.

  6. One hell of a flag! They are all incredibly good, but come on that flag!

  7. thanks everyone!

    I currently rework on the flag and the shield of the standard bearer, I'm still not happy with the stand I done.