Saturday, 12 March 2016

From GregB - US Mechanized Infantry for Team Yankee (118 points)

US Mechanized infantry in 15mm

Another "Team Yankee" offering in this submission - US mechanized infantry and M113 armoured personnel carriers.

Modern US infantry in 15mm from Peter Pig

It has been nearly two months now since Battlefront "released" their US mechanized infantry figures for their new "Team Yankee" range. Many companies can experience delays in getting their products shipped, but the supply chain Battlefront uses is so glacial that I often snap my crayons, give up waiting, and use an alternate product.  I used Eureka 15mm Soviets in place of the Battlefront motor rifles, and I have opted to use Peter Pig modern US troops instead of waiting any longer for the Battlefront "releases" to reach Canada via whatever snail-driven hot air balloon they use for shipping.

More US grunts

US Mech Company command stand - blue flowers to denote officer

The Peter Pig troops - actually listed as "US Marines" in their website - are a little more modern than the ones from "Team Yankee", more 1990s-2000s than 1980s.  The body armour is a little different, small differences in the harnesses etc.  The only really noticeable difference is the portable anti-tank weapons.  In "Team Yankee", this is the M-47 Dragon missile launcher, but these figures are carrying the AT-4 rocket launcher.  I'm not 100% sure, but I think the AT-4 is a little later than the M-47...but I have no idea what the differences actually are...also, the Peter Pig line does not have a casting carrying an M72 LAW rocket.

AT-4 teams stand in place of the Dragon AT teams

A view of the camo and webbing

Despite the differences, the Peter Pig castings stand in very well. Peter Pig makes, in my opinion, some of the best 15mm castings out there.  The sculpts are excellent, and the casting quality it top of the line.

The blue flowers denote platoon command base

Painting camouflage is the bane of any hobbyist, but the US Camouflage of the 1980s is particularly challenging.  I try to give an impression of the pattern more than copy it faithfully, particularly in a smaller scale. The results are not too bad.

Propaganda photos - US infantry confront Soviet dismounts near a rail line...

AT team has a surprise for that T-72...

To be mechanized, these fellows need a ride.  The M113s from Battlefront were nowhere to be found either, but it finally clicked that I could just order a box of Jordanian M113s from Battlefront's "Fate of A Nation" game and get the same models, so that's what I did.  Four M113s are enough to mount on platoon of troops - enough to at least get a game in.

M113s...ugliest APCs in existence
I think all of us have some models or figures in particular periods or settings that we dislike or dread painting, and for me, one of those is the M113.  I hate the look of this vehicle - it's just a lame box on some treads.  Whatever its merits in real life (and they might be considerable - I don't know personally, I'm a civilian) in the hobby perspective, these things are totally, totally lame.  The BMPs look waaaay cooler. 

Nice models of terrible vehicles

You will notice that none of these M113s have tread covers on...the crappy quality of the plastic struck again, with the tread covers snapping when I tried to clip them off the sprues, so I just avoided them entirely on these models.

Battlefront plastic strikes again...


And now a short diversion on something I noticed in the "Team Yankee" rule book.  One thing I do appreciate about Battlefront is their painting guides - they have a lot of them in their books, and I find them to be generally helpful.  They often combine art work from Osprey books with Vallejo paint recommendations. I was particularly pleased to see one for the US infantry camouflage in the "Team Yankee" rule book, and once I received the figures from Peter Pig and started painting, I opened up to the guide and noticed something odd...

I thought this was really, really dumb.  Like, really?  I don't know the stats, but I'm confident a large number of the front line troops in the US Army of the 1980s were African American.  So, there was no way to give us a painting guide for that? Just....this was really, really dumb. I could probably say a lot more, but really...I'll just get back to the post.


So there are a total of 47 infantry and four vehicles, all in 15mm size, in this submission, for a total of 118 points.  Should keep me within a possible striking distance of Byron in the "Modern Mayhem" side duel.

Completed US forces to date for "Team Yankee"

With this I will have concluded my little "modern tear" over the past couple of weeks.  I have enough 15mm stuff on hand now to play a few games and get a sense of the rules.  Even better, if I've done the math right (and that is always a bit of an "if"), this submission will take me past my points goal. WOOHOO! But as the end of this installment of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge comes in sight, I REALLY need to get back to some 30k stuff - I hope I will have more to share before things conclude. 

Brilliant work Greg!
You've obviously been completely stoked to get this project off the ground as both your production and quality is outstanding. Both the infantry and the vehicles are spectacular - I also think your impressionistic approach to modern camo works magnificently and provides many of us with an alternate approach to this daunting task.
I actually had the great pleasure to play a game with these figures the other night with both Greg and Byron and can attest to their beauty on the tabletop. Those Hinds are things of terrible beauty.
Finally, congratulations on hitting your points target Greg! Well done, young man! I suspect that everything from here on in is in pursuit of the duels - keep up the steam!


  1. Absolutely stunning! Love your stuff Greg. Those Peter Pig minis seem to stand in really well. I can understand your feelings about the M113 but you've pulled these off nicely.

  2. Outstanding work Greg, especially the camo on the infantry :)

    That is a bit of a booboo in the painting guide - it wouldn't have been difficult to give a few different skin colours - caucasian, Asian, African and Latino.

  3. Wow those vehicles are 15mm not 28mm, sir i tip my hat!

  4. This is my cup of tea every day of the week. I am particularly impressed with the camo on the M113#s

  5. Great work Greg!

    Battlefront's supply chain is definitely horrible. I just can't believe how they manage to f**k the whole thing up so badly. It just seems they have absolutely no production planning and sales forecasting in place. Considering that most of their products are made with molds that require minimal setup time they should be able to make nearly every blister according to order. Or at least at a days notice. I've had to wait nearly a year for some orders... They should really hire somebody who actually knows something about manufacturing. Darn amateurs...

  6. Those are very nice! Well done!

  7. The camouflage does look very good, Greg! As for the APC, I'll stick to my left and right trucks than ride in one of them. Unless you refer to marines, a very high percentage of Army troops are white with the rest being mainly Latino. In my unit I am the only NA with a couple of African Americans and Latinos to help make up a "token" group. ;)