Saturday, 12 March 2016

From BenitoM - The Last Fallschirmjager Supports (60 Points)

Very slow production over the last two weeks, but at least I managed to finish the last support units of my Fallschirmjager unit for Chain of Command.

These comprised a sniper pair...

... an anti-tank team...

... an engineer with a flamethrower...

... and finally this lovely light recoilless gun model L40.

The real model:

I also painted one additional private and this other model in prone position with a pair of binoculars that I plan to use as a forward observer in my games.

Note that I did not make any basing work in the sniper. initially I was looking to to a base with heavy foliage, but then I thought about some of the urban combat games we have played, and decided to leave it bare.

After today's work, I bag a total of 50 additional points.All minis are Warlord except the last two, that belong to an Artizan blister.

Considering that there's only 1 week left and that I can only paint over the weekends, it's clear that I won't reach my target of 500 points. I aim now to reach at least 400 points before the Challenge winds down on Sunday; hopefully Friday and Saturday I'll have some spare time to finish 10 additional minis and credit the final 50 points I need.

Wow Benito, you are hitting these Fallshirmjaegers right out of the park. The camo and blending is just spectacular. I particularly admire that L40 and its crew (whenever I see these things fire I think the term 'recoilless' seems only to apply to the gun itself).
I hope you have the time to submit again before the Challenge closes but if not, it has been a pleasure having you with us Benito.


  1. Benito - excellent work! FJs are so intimidating to paint (I chicken out) so I salute your skill. It has been great to see this force come together through the Challenge.

    And I encourage to sneak in some extra painting! 100 can dot it :)

  2. Nice work on these support teams Benito :)

  3. Your Fallschirmjägers are a blast Benito! That recoilless gun is superb. Need to get my hand on one...

  4. Señor Campbell, you have not credited my 50 points!!

  5. They look like they come from a film set. Terrific.

  6. Very nice, especially the flame team!

  7. I really like these paratroopers, the camouflage and Luftwaffe blue are outstanding on them! ;)


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