Saturday, 12 March 2016

From MartinN - Schaeffer's Last Chancers and a lonely Cross of Iron Steiner (35 points)

During the challenge is probably the most inappropriate time to try out new techniques and recipes. Nonetheless I had to give it a go and here's what I came up with:

Schaeffer's last Chancers
So far I was quite happy with my take on caucasian skin tones but figured it to be about time to try some different approaches on painting skin. So what better way to do so than to paint up some Sci-Fi miniatures? After all who knows what different complexions people have in the 41st Millennium?

I only got six of the originally twelve figures done, so the rest might appear in an upcoming challenge. If I should then feel the need for some 40k, that is.
These figures were among my very first figures I bought as a teenager and I have fond memories of the day they were released in Germany. I was saving my pocket money for some months to get my hand on these on the very first day.
This latest paint job is probably the fourth or fifth coating they recieved during the intervening years. Still they're some of my favourite models ever. Would have made for a fitting entry for the 'Nostalgia' round I guess.

Also new for me was blending and OSL. Due to its form Schaeffer's power sword might not have been the best choice to try this but Shiv's power dagger came out better than expected. I'm not totally pleased with the OSL on Schaeffer's plasma pistol too. First the colour doesn't fit with the rest of the miniature and second I should have extended the lightning to shine on his glove too. But for some reason I feared it to look too over the top.

A good friend of mine gave me the 'Cross of Iron' figure which comes with the Ostfront supplement for Bolt Action. As Schaeffer's last Chancers are called 'Steiners Galgenvögel' (Colonel Steiners Rogues) in Germany I thought it only fitting to include him  here.

I tried to paint the metal parts using the so called Non Metalic Metal technique. It's far from perfect perfect but I'm quite chuffed with how it turned out, if I might say so myself. Maybe something I should try more often in the future.

Now I only need a Hauptmann Stransky to accompany him. I'll probably go for the one I already painted as Curtgeld in the 2013 challenge. Man how time flies!

Another grand total of 35 points for this submission I'd say. So that's 535 points in the main challenge and 460 in the side duel with ChrisS. Not nearly enough...

More absolutely amazing brushwork from you today Nick. You've been an industrious boy and it's all to our good as we get to enjoy the fruits of your very talented labour. Not to understate the case but your 'experiments' have been a great success. Schaeffer and his Last Chancers are a real treat and I know DaveB will be over-the-moon on your treatment of 'Shiv'. I really like the subtle source lighting effect on Schaeffer's powersword and Steiner's camo smock is brilliant as well. So much to like here!


  1. Soem of the best looking last chancers I have seen in some time.

  2. Love the Steiner fig - great job!

  3. Excellent work Nick and your experiments in skin tone worked a charm!


  4. The "Water and Tan" camo is very good indeed. They are all incredibly well painted and do you justice as a superb painter.

  5. Excellent work Nick! You've really been keeping busy! Love the Last Chancers, they are one of my favorite units in 40k. Imperial Guard really included amazing sculpts and units with great back stories.

    The OSL looks great as well. I think that limited effect works really well. It's really easy to overdo the effect and then it just starts to look ridiculous

  6. Extremely nice paintwork! I think Dux decided that Splinter B is worth an extra 100 points.

  7. Very nice work on them, Martin! I am envious as I do not own the complete set of them. I do like your treatment of Shiv too! You need a big Redman with a blade to win! ;)