Sunday, 25 December 2016

From MilesR: Frostgrave Gnolls (140 Points)

Some Frostgrave related minis in the form of 20 plastic and 8 metal figures from Northstar.  These are in 28mm scale.  The plastics were very easy to put together and the whole lot was fun to paint.

 I'll be using these as one of the groups of "treasure guarders" in next years Historicon game and they'll see a lot of duty on the table for Frostgrave
 I find painting fantasy themed figures a bit liberating from historicals.

 You can also do silly things like make one of the Gnoll's a Champion from Dalmatian stock.  The spots were a last minute thought but I kind of like them.
 This "Dire Dalmatian" will prove to be a tough nut to crack in the game (that's a spoiler).  Cruella DeVille be damned!

Lets see there are 28 figures so that adds 140 points to the tally.

This will likely be my last submission until after Christmas.  There might be one of two on boxing day.

Merry Christmas to all of you and your families - I hope you all have a wonderful day however you choose to celebrate it.


Great work Miles, but you need to give us some better close-ups so we can see these chaps.

As you wish, Mr C, more close ups but they show had bad a painter I am - remember I prefer to use Stalin's definition of quality in terms of painting...

 The Gnoll Chieftain and his loyal hound
 A Gnoll barbarian and Shaman - I think I'll use the Shaman in a medic role for the game - a sip from the blood cup and your fixed up,
 General purpose plastics
A plastic on the left and a metal on the right - Dohhh! I forgot to paint the eye patch!


Good man Miles! These Gnolls/Dalmatians ('Gnollmations'?) are awesome. I remember encountering them in our AD&D games when I was a teen and being really creeped-out by how they were portrayed in the artwork - these guys look very similar. That grey one, which is stooped over with the staff, is particularly excellent. 

Hmm, 28 figures... Now, you just need 73 more Gnollmations to make it 101, then they can curb-stomp Ms. DeVille in style. ;)


  1. great work Miles very nice figures and I am releaved the see no more vehicles

  2. Even though I am not into Frostgrave these do look lovely!

  3. Everquest MMO got me liking Gnolls a few years back. Now I cannot get enough of them. Brilliant.

  4. I was looking at these when they were released and you have done a great job on them


  5. Great job Miles and congrats at getting off the mark - I haven't even picked up a brush yet!

  6. Gnice gnolls - Top work, Miles!

  7. Very cool Miles. Loads of character!

  8. Very nice. I always like to see Gnolls get some paint time.

  9. The dalmatian champion and the shaman are quite nice, but I really like the Gnoll war boss having a discussion with his war hound. It seems they are developing a plan! ;)

  10. Lovely job, the Dalmatian is a really nice idea.

  11. Nice doggies! :)

    Will your Historicon victims, errmm, players find blue rubber balls in their equipment lists? "Fetch!" ;)

  12. Good gnolly! Thats a glot of gnolls! I agree with Tamsin as to the appropriate countermeasures. Battle cries of "bad dog, go lie down!" might also work.
    Great work!

  13. Very nice, I haven't had a chance before to get a good look at these.


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