Tuesday, 17 January 2017

From AledC - Even More Arab Spearmen, even a dead one! (65 points)

Hello, everyone! Only a short post from me today, it's too hot at the moment to do much beyond sit in front of a fan with a zooper dooper.

Sorry for the poor photography, the lighting situation isn't great
This week I have the last batch of Arabs for my first unit, the blue unit. As I mentioned last week, somewhere in that wall of text that I'm sure no one read, I plan on differentiating my units of spearmen by use of colour on their shields. This unit has been getting the attention of Vallejo Magic Blue, a wonderfully bright paint. I plan to do the other two units with green and yellow which will hopefully be nice and eye catching.

The casualty marker is one of the fantastic Perry Miniature sculpts of Crusade period Arab casualties. I have painted him to match the rest of the troops, with the major colour being the cream/bone, but I couldn't help myself taking advantage of some of the extra details the Perry's include to make him stand out a bit. The shield is from the Gripping Beast Arab Heavy Cavalry box set and I felt it made the marker a bit more special and stand-outish than the standard fellow.

I do plan on taking a break from the spearmen blocks though for the next few weeks by painting, instead, my unit of archers. I hope these will paint up quickly, I just have to wait for the temperature to drop a bit so my can of spray primer actually works.

The Blue Unit in all it glory

Well, that's it from me this week. Hope to be back again next week too but we'll see.


Alan and Paul: I like the use of casualty bases as markers - definitely something I want to do more of. This is growing into a great looking army, which will no doubt crush me, if my recent games against you are anything to go by. I really like the contrast between the bases and the spearmen's tunics, and the overall look of this large unit is very impressive.


  1. Nice. Gripping Beast Plastic Arabs are excellent. The casualty is cool. Might have to get some of them. cheers

  2. I like these chaps, they are scary, scruffy and dirty. Have you thought of giving your units a banner in their colour to differentiate them further. A simple blue banner for these fellows would add a lot to the unit, although it is pretty fine already.

    1. Thansk! My plan for flags is to find some appropriate models that either have or can easily be converted to holding flags and then base them as a separate vignette type deal that stand near the unit. To me it makes them stand out a bit more and depending on the system can be used to represent a number of things either with their presence or the removal of it. :D

  3. Aled, these look magnificent in all their glory - well done!

  4. Great looking figs, really like your methods


  5. Good Arabs. An army that is not seen on the table as often as it deserves.