Friday, 27 January 2017

From EricM: Finally Done with Pike! (390 points)

  This week I was able to finish the last of the six pike blocks for Mithridates VI army.  Its a bit silly that I painted them for his army, since he only used them in the first Mithridatic war.  On top of that, they where they were consistently crushed by Sulla.

   While it is not the most robust force I do like Mithridates early efforts building a Roman beater.  He was willing to experiment and adapt.  Following his defeat by Sulla he went home to lick his wounds and raised another army.   The second time around he abandoned the pike block and built an army based on imitation legionaries, if you cant beat them join them.

  There are 32 Wargames Foundry figures that makeup this block. Learning my lesson from the earlier 5 the pikes went on, After, the painting was done.  I am proud to report no injury this time around.  This unit was a little trickier, it did not have the shields with cast on designs so I had to wing it. 

Here's a view from from the side and rear. 

 And the obligitory close up

The second unit I was able to complete this week is a unit of 12 Companion style heavy cavalry.

I saved the easiest for last.  I was also able to knock out a unit of 10 Greek light cavalry.  There is really not much to these guys so it was a nice break from the more detailed figures.

I think this week I have 32 foot and 22 horse.  Next week things will slow down as I am switching gears and moving to Romans.  Looking back over the last 30 days I was able to stay more focused than last year.  If I can keep up the pace I think I am on track to meet my challenge goal.

First up, apologies that I didn't get this posted up last week Eric. Your're setting a great pace with all of these Mithridatean warriors. The pike look excellent once again, but won't you take a photo of all six units together in all their glory? Those companion cavalry look great too - yellow can be such an awkward colour to work with.    
32 foot and 22 horse, plus I'll top it up with 20 bonus points for all the handpainted shields on the pike block. Only about 1000 points to go to your 2500 target, you can make that surely?


  1. Impressive pikes and Cavalry. They all look splendid.

  2. Great pikes and lovely cavalry, I can't paint pikes and stick them on after I'd just make a mess!
    Best Iain

  3. It has been fantastic to watch this army take form. Can we have group photo please

  4. The Poison King's forces grow apace - I agree with Martin, a group photo is in order!

  5. Really nice Army building up there, top banana !

  6. Really nice Army building up there, top banana !

  7. Wow. That is an amazing entry. They're all so good but I think my favourite are the pikes. Well done!

  8. Cranking out top quality work, those shields really look excellent, why would you buy trans if you can do so well without.


  9. Fantastic work all around. I really like that pike block.

  10. Those pikes look absolutely stunning!

  11. Plan B for the pike shields came out very well Eric! I love companion cavalry, those cloaks came out very well!

    Group shot! ;)

  12. I love those red shafts, I want to do something similar for my samurai in the future,