Friday, 27 January 2017

From GrahameH: Some more armies finished - hopefully! (264 Points)

I thought I had finished my armies for the Crusades apart from a set of club men I found last week. However, having gone through my lead pile I found a load more of figures I couldn't remember buying !!!

Oh well they all needed painting if I was to finish my Crusade armies. So having done so hopefully I have at last finished it (although you can never be certain).

All the Crusade Figures are 15mm from Legio Herocia

Muslim Army (66pts)

A General Base (had some figures left over)

18 Lutat Macemen

12 Sudanese Archers

 Armenians (144Pts)

Two Cavalry and two infantry units

One of the Armenian Infantry Units (each of 18 figures)

One of the two Cavalry units (each of 9 figures)

Pilgrims (36Pts)

Had some more figures left over so made up a Pilgrim unit with improvised weapons (18 figs).

Finally just because I found them unpainted some Cold War Russian Paras with AA
6 Figures (all Battlefront - 12pts)

No idea what to paint next. Time to dig through the lead pile (and hopefully I won't find anymore unpainted Crusades)

Wow, what a treat Grahame! Your Muslims and Armenians for the Crusades look great,very colourful without being garish. The pilgrims look suitably dour in comparison. And even more Cold War Russians sneaking in at the end. 
93 infantry by my count, and 18 cavalry, plus six flags. A respectable 264 points for you this week!


  1. So nice to see an army for Ancients (medieval) that is not Roman. They look superb, and I am sure they will be an absolute joy to play with.

  2. Beautiful work on the Arabs and Armenians there Grahame :)

  3. Lovely work and a big range of periods!
    Best Iain

  4. These are really good, I was tempted by these figures when I opted for 28mm Crusades, what a great job.

  5. I really really like those Arabs and Armenians - lovely bright colours.

  6. This is really excellent - those Legio Heroica figures look amazing, and as others have mentioned, the bright colours really pop.

  7. What a great entry! I was really taken by your Muslim units - beautiful work.

  8. Another excellent submission, getting treated to some excellent work today


  9. Really loving the bright colors on your Muslim army. Well done!

  10. Fabulous work on these! Really like the Arabs.

  11. The Arabs are wonderfully colourful! The CW Ruski's are a prime example of brilliant camo at such small scale, great stuff indeed!

  12. Lovely work, Grahame!
    The colorful Armenian force is definitely my favorite of this round, not that the rest aren't good. The sheild work and banners really make them look lively!

  13. I like your style on those 15s.