Friday, 27 January 2017

From EricM: I Traded Pikes for Plia (220 Points)

This week I made the switch to Mithridates VI Roman opponents.  I had anticipated they would paint quickly and easily but boy was I wrong.  There is a lot more detail on the figures that I had not planned on.    And then there is the shields!  I was considering using shield transfers but I felt a little uncomfortable using them.   I have always painted shields before and I figured what the heck.  How bad could it be.    Well let me tell you.. its bad... buy the transfers!

I am organizing the army in 16 figure cohorts with a 24 figure first cohort.

Here is the basic 16 figure cohort.  The figures are all Wargames Foundry

Here they are off the movement base and deployed in a 2 rank line.

And here is the 24 figure First Cohort.  

I love the scornful look on this officers face.   So I had to show him off.

This week I finished a total of 40 28mm foot.   Next week I hope to finish off 3 more 16 figure cohorts.   Then on to the next "legion"  which I WILL be using transfers on!

We kicked off Friday with EricM, and here we are closing this week's Friday crew with some more excellent Ancients. Those shields look amazing Eric, really nicely done and I have great respect for your diligence in doing them all without cracking and resorting to transfers. Really impressive to get 40 of these done in just a week. These Wargames Foundry sculpts look excellent too, with well-defined detail.
40 miniatures, 200 points, plus an extra 20 for all those hand painted shields. See, there is an upside to hand-painting them! 


  1. Fantastic work yet again. I loved painting my Romans last year and actually liked painting the shield designs. Transfers are a pain

  2. Well done Eric. That officer really does have some attitude!

  3. I do like these Foundry sculpts. They're full of character and detail. The officer looks especially grumpy - probably thinking of how to deal with the scythed chariots lining up ahead!

    Well done, Eric!

  4. Like the look of those Romans, good job

  5. Excellent work, your speed and quality beggars belief,


  6. Very nice work and excellent job on the shields!


  7. Those are nice. That officer looks a right proper bastard.

  8. Beautiful Romans, Eric!
    Although a pain, those shields are grand and well worth the effort. Those look to be wonderful sculpts too. I think that is that Tribune's Happy Face! ;)

  9. Superb work on those shields!

    I think the tribune has decided the enemy are so pathetic he's not even going to bother drawing his sword.