Friday, 27 January 2017

From KeithS: Friday Grab Bag (75 points)

This week I've been working on clearing out some of the miscellaneous back log that seems to have clogged up my work area.  There's not much rhyme or reason to it.

First up are a trio of old Heritage Orcs in 25mm.  I got them with the Asian Orcs I got from the guy who owns the original molds - sadly, he was missing the Samurai Orc archer so I got these ones instead.  They're...ok.  Nothing special.  But, as they did not fit for the East theme, they go here even though I painted them with the others.  Like those other ones, they're based for outdoors, obviously.

Rear angle.  There is really not much to them.  Simple robes, bows, quivers, and really ratty clothing.

We turn now to Elves.  I did seven of them in a batch with some other figures.  They're a mix of brands - Ral Partha, Grenadier, GW, and maybe some others.  Most are 25mm though the GW chap is a bit more towards 28mm.

From there rear. Nothing special, though I did like how the green and blue cloaks turned out, as well as the fancy GW Elf (2nd from Right). I made an error and did not photograph the shield I did for Mr. Blue is a weird turquoise-aqua with a silver dragon.  Oh well!

Here's a pair of Ral Partha and GW elves up close.  I rather like both styles for High Elves and will probably do a lot more of them (since I have a pile of both waiting to be done!).

And some sword elves.

As part of that batch (as I like doing things in even dozens) was a lone human, a trio of dwarves, and a Halfling.  Again, these are a mix of brands - I picked them to do as they were mainly demihumans.

A few of them from the back.

I decided this guy wins the awkward weapon pose of the week award.  I am not quite sure what he doing with the axe, or his left arm for that matter.  Kind of odd.

Fifteen mixed figures was all I could manage this week.  I have a dozen halflings half finished but won't make it by tomorrow, so they will be next week, along with whatever else I decide to do this weekend.  It occurs to me I am procrastinating on the 50 or so 28mm Scots for Saga that are staring at me right now.

Oh yes that pose is not right at all - almost like his arm has twisted 180 degrees. Still, hopefully he'll come in useful, waving that axe about merrily. Fine work once again on this mixed bag of fantasy minis Keith. My favourite of this batch is the second dwarf in from the right, with his unusual armour, sensible sized axe and badass pose. 
Oh, and a turquoise/aqua with a silver dragon shield design - we're missing out! 


  1. A good mixture and assortment of fantasy goodies and baddies. I like them all.

  2. I have dozens of those old Ral Partha elves from when I was just getting into role-playing. They are still elegant figures and I really like your paintwork with them. Another nice walk down memory lane.

  3. Always love to see your collections. I had some of the Ral Partha elves, their fantasy line from the 1980s was ... special.
    That last figure is epic. I'm not sure the sculptor understood how wrists work ... or axes ...

  4. Lovely bunch, those Orcs are exactly what they should be, rough and ready for a fight and you have brought that out beautifully and they are my favourites of the bunch


  5. Nothing can be more dangerous than a person who doesn't know how to use their weapon. That guy might win you some battles, awkward pose or not! Well done!

  6. That's what's great about the Challenge. It's an excuse to get all the odds and sods that have laying around.

  7. Nice eclectic mob, Keith!
    I like how they all seem to belong despite the difference in manufacturers. The elves are my favorite, including the fellow with the unseen shield design! ;)