Thursday, 19 January 2017

Mark W No 52 - More AOS Death/Undead - 160 points

So second blog post for me and as expected that dreadful thing called work has had a part to play in my life over the last week or so and it has slowed me down a touch.

That said, I have had 3 models which were a joy to paint.  You know the ones, the ones that you get great enjoyment from as you paint it.  You enjoy every colour application and you feel like you can do no wrong.  There are no worries about colour palette, no worries on where should the shading go, and no concerns about that weird thing on his belt, or what colour should his loin cloth be to best define this as thing to not to mess with in battle.  The polar opposite of these models are the mind numbing rank and file, not the "I will paint 10 of these and then allow myself to go paint something else" models. Or the "do I have to paint 36 red leather belts before I can get bite of that biscuit" type of models - yuk.

So 3 good ones and 23 rank and file for me.  Which is good, as the model I am working on for next week is a complete b**** troll from hell (not rules wise sadly) and should have a painters frustration warning on the box.  Anyway, back to the delight I call the Forgeworld Mournghul and 2 x Archai. ahhhhhhh just lovely.

The Mournghul is in fact the first reason I acquired an undead army.  Not having seen this before I saw it at the Warhammer World Museum in Nottingham, it was love at first fright. The rest, as the saying goes, was murder no sorry, I meant ... is history.  I can confirm that one horse was eviscerated in the making of the model, but only a resin one.  Those of a sensitive disposition, look away now.  The blood effects are from the subtly named Blood for the Blood God from GW - a great effect paint and well worth it if this is your sort of thing.  I meant to add something for scale - my bad but this is slightly taller that the Archai in the pics coming up.

The 2 Archai were easy to put together and fun to paint albeit a touch wobbly.  I included the skeleton in for scale and did not paint that one :)

On to my rank and file for the week.  I added in 3 very old metal citadel miniatures to the army, 2 Necromancers and a Wight king.  Very old indeed, pre-slotta in fact, hence the extra foliage.

And I added 20 new skeletons to the mix of the now 67 (more located this week) old ones I have rebased.  The main way that these have improved is that the heads are now in proportion to the body.  If the old 1980s/90s skeletons had flesh on them the poor people would have had heads so large they would have a gravitational pull, or as we call it in our gaming circle "The Freeth Phenomena"  (private joke sorry and if he see's that I am dead)

I received a lot of positive feedback - thank you - for my basing.  These skellies have been based on resin bases from Secret Weapon miniatures - blasted swamp I think they are called.  I then used some foliage and tufts before using Vallejo Still water for the topping.  For my next post, I will do a step by step walk through for one that isn't based on a resin base (of which there are quite a few) so you can see how I have done it.

Happy painting fellow challengers and enjoy!
Mark, this undead army is really coming along very well. The Mornghul is very impressive, but i doubt the outrider and horse were appreciative of the "free hug"! As impressive as the Mornghul hugger is, I really like the Archai, those polearms just as imposing as their stature.
I am also pleased to see the older models of the line mixing in with the newer pieces. Besides the excellent base work which is about how I'd imagine Sylvania to be, i like how you further tie in your unquiet dead with touches of that spectral green.
by carefull scientific method of counting toes, and arcane incantations cursed at the spread sheet, we will plus your tally with 115 points and consider the big gribblies as 54mm with a couple extra for the them and the punchiness of the submission will bring you up to 160 points total.
Fantastic job!


  1. As others have said, that basing is really something - great work.

  2. I own one of those necromancers (the purple cloaked one) You are right they are very old figures but painted so well. As wargames armies go this is pretty frightening!

  3. I love the dead (sorry just had to say it) these are ace


  4. Damn it, who told Mr Freeth about my post.

    Thanks for the positive feedback

  5. Great looking undead types monsters, Skellis and necromancers, your spoiling us!
    Best Iain

  6. Great looking undead types. Some of them look like things that would jump out at Frodo and Sam in the marshes.

  7. Tremendous creepy crawlies, Mark! I really like what you've done with the Mourngoul and the Archai - horrific in a good way. :)

  8. Very nice indeed Mr W. Now please tell me you've been explaining to the pussycat Mournghul that he is supposed to actually hurt the enemy...?

  9. Fantastic! I look forward to your basing tutorial.

  10. Excellent painting and base work!

  11. I generally detest skellie and undead armies, but I will make an exception in your case because they are just so good. I like the off-white, almost a beige, that you've used to suggest old bones.
    Vallejo Still Water -interesting, thanks for sharing that tidbit.

  12. Great work, I really look forward to seeing the whole force.