Thursday, 19 January 2017

From AaronH - 28mm Uruk-Hai from GW(55 points)

My next entry is eleven Uruk-Hai from Games Workshop. I thought I had finished these off last year but then remembered that I hadn't painted the horizontal pikes because I hate them. On the other hand, we may be playing a Helm's Deep game and will need all of the nasty buggers we can field. I also picked a couple of captains up off of ebay, and they definitely needed paint.

This is the bunch of them. I already have this pose of Captain but they really only made a couple so if you have more than three you'll have doubles.

From the back you can see the shield design. This is from the description in the books, not from the movies.

A close up of the captain. I'm still having lighting issues. I like these models quite a bit. They really capture the movie versions of the Fighting Uruk-Hai which I don't really take issue with like I do some of Jackson's vision.

A better view of the shield. The White Hand on a black background.

Pikes. There is too much glare to see the white elvish S rune on their helmets.

These eleven will give me around 50 painted Uruk-Hai. Not enough for my part of the game, if it ever goes. I'll have to get a couple of more boxes.

The glare is a bit much, but I have no room to talk with the standard of my photography! I do agree with you on both points, these are very fair representations of the film and while they may not be what I envisioned Tolkien's Urkhai to be, they are better than what I imagined. My only complaint is the pike models as the ones in my mountain-of-neglect do have a few breakage issues.
Still, from the reddish skin to the shiny(by orc standards) armor and to the white hand insignia; these boys look good and ready to breach Helm's Deep!


  1. Great looking Urakhai, makes me want to dig the few I still have unpainted out


  2. Nice rendering of the white hand design, good looking orks all over.
    Best Iain

  3. I really like the brighter appearance you've done with these Aaron. You might want to try using them with Dragon Rampant with your boys. Its a simple system with 6-12 man units so your 50 Uruks would fill out the whole force nicely

    Great job!

    1. They are pretty much only seeing the light of day in Lion Rampant. We only play with six man units. This has the effect of being simpler, but also making it more likely that two units won't be able to hurt each other and force a draw. Good for keeping the lads interested when they don't lose.

  4. That is an intimidating looking mob! Well done Aaron. I too recommend Dragon Rampant as a possible other use for them.

  5. Nice (um ok wrong adjective) Uruks, love the shields.

  6. Great work and I second the Paul's endorsement of Dragon Rampant

  7. Nice work Aaron. I've always liked these figures.

  8. Awesome. My favourite type of Orc. cheers

  9. It is always nice to see some LOTR figures. Especially when painted well.

  10. I love the GW Uruk models, and have a large army of my own. These are great, I would be happy to have them in my collection. In Dragon Rampant games, the go-to rules for my group, I rate the Uruks as Heavy Infantry and the pike armed figures are good to represent the Wall of Spears rule which gives them an extra armour class in melee (though not vs missiles).
    Nice to see these well painted lads.

  11. Very nice! I appreciate the accuracy of your markings!