Thursday, 19 January 2017

Jez Todd - More Goths! (105 points)

Hi Everyone,

Second batch of Goths for me - this time 20 figs so should be OK for 100 points!

There are two warbands, these will be fielded under Impetus rules as a large double deep unit but for flexibility have based as a foot unit and then skirmish unit to place behind. I can then mix and match depending on the army size being played.

Some close ups follow and the final picture also contains my older previously painted units behind. I have tried to keep the same styles for the shield designs.

My favourite bit in painting these is the basing when deciding where to place figures on the bases. Faffed around for a while then said "Sod It" that looks OK, I am happy with the mix of more action and stationary poses on the same base.

I will field all four large warbands in the new Basic Impetus 2 Visigoth army option, along with a couple of cavalry units.

Very sharp looking bunch of Goths, Jez! I do agree that the mixture of poses does look good in an organized rabble way. I am very impressed with the shields. These are a fantastic group looking ready to crash into another block of men and go hammer and tongs with them. I know shields and banners are quite the topic in the challenge. I myself am always impressed with the freehand ones the shields you've done up really enhances the unit, so i'll add a few points for that.


  1. Great work but the black lipstick should really be more prominent on those white faces. :)

  2. Great looking shields, nice big mob.
    Best Iain

  3. They fit in well with the previous ones you have done. Really nice looking figs and the shields help finish them off nicely


  4. Love the dynamic appearance of horse bases like these with all the colours - they look great Jez!

  5. I really like how vibrant they are - very eye catching. The shields are brilliant.

  6. Nice bright Goths. What make make? I like these guys a lot.

  7. These look great. Impressive work on the shields.

  8. Nice work. I do think ancients should be bright and colourful.

  9. Hi thanks for the comments. The figures are all Wargames Foundry - will add on make in future posts. There are some Foundry Romans mixed in but then just filed off the distinctive shirt pattening and bent the arms abit for a different pose.