Monday, 27 February 2017

Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones

This week's flurry of painting saw the "completion" of my 10mm Warband project and a few extra figures.  I put completion in quotes because you all know we tend to add more units here and there, and I'm sure that will be the case for both my Dwarf and Undead Armies.  Anyway, enough blabbing and on to the pictures.

I painted up 3 units of skeleton warriors.  I really wanted these 3 units to look like a horde so I opted to put 26 figures on each stand.  One of which is the Necromancer in charge.  You don't think these skeletons would just form up in rank and file on their own do ya?   I had determined with my first units that this army's colors would be purple and yellow and the coat of arms would be a 1/4 yellow moon and a star.  So all the shields with enough space has either stars or the moon and star combination.

And the group shot...

So what are those big bones back there you ask?  Catapults!

I still had some time left for painting, but nothing in my ready to paint queue seemed to fit this theme.  So I pulled some Reaper Bones skeletons out of my lead pile that I plan to use for Dragon Rampant or Open Combat.  This was my first time painting any of the Reaper plastics, as I generally buy the metals.  There were 6 total, but I honestly just didn't like the soft bendy plastic so I stopped at three.  I'll get some more skeletons, but I'll shoot for metal for now on.

No matter what they try to tell you.  Size matters...

I believe your catapults were some friends of mine...

So that comes out to...
3 skeletons @ 28mm
88 skeletons @ 10mm
2 catapults @ 10mm



  1. Great work Rod! I'm loving these Pendraken figures!

  2. Excellent stuff Rod! These little fellas are really nicely done, is it a wash or drybrush to get the depth to them? They look great for warmaster if one didn't fancy the mark up on eBay...

    1. Thanks! I used a brown spray primer from Army Painter. Hit them with Citadel Agrax Earthshade. Then used Citadel Ushabti Bone for the high contrast. 3 steps really... for just the skeletons.

    2. They have red eyes too, but not really noticeable in these pictures.

  3. Lot's of lovely undead!
    Best Iain

  4. Very nice Rod, very nice indeed!

  5. Thee skellies look just superb Rod! I like the depth the brown undercoat and washed provided their old bones. The purple is a great contrasting colour as it always seems so decadent somehow. Great work!

  6. Nice work, Rod! Very lovely set of rattling bones in bones in TWO scales! I have always wondered about they have talk to themselves or have peculiar conversations with they give them names? ;)

    1. Good question. I tend to think they are rather vain, which is why I didn't make my skeletons gear all rusty. I figure to them, their soldiers are kind of like sports cars. The flashier the better. Maybe even some name their troops. ;) Thanks!