Monday, 27 February 2017

Adamc- Curtgeld the Philosopher and the King (with JohnM) 25 points

 When I saw that the Curt Geld was intended to be a partnership effort I knew JohnM would be the right man to team up with.  We live close by and see each other often for  games.   When I found a number of Eureka miniatures for sale at one of my local stores it just made sense to pick them up.  The set depicting Voltaire and Fredrick the Great in conversation seemed like the perfect Curt Geld
 John has already presented Voltaire so here present the philosopher king Fredrick II.  The King's typical costume was the undress uniform of the 1st Battalion of the 15th Regiment of which he was "Chef."  The Sulfur yellow of the "small cloths" makes a nice contrast to the Prussian Blue and Red of the coat.
 Lace on both hat and coats was silver.  This figures wears gaiters and shoes, Fredrick would probably have worn riding boots.  Still the sculptor did a fine job on those you can count the buttons.
Fredrick was know as a shabby dresser, his clothing was often worn and covered with snuff.  This was probably part personal inclination (or lack of inclination if you prefer) and part calculated move to win the esteem of the common soldier by dressing in much the same fashion they did.  I chose to portray him "spruced up" for a meeting with is friend Voltaire
Finally we have the two together having some deep philosophical discussion on the meaning of life, what constitutes good government or maybe what sort of beer to order with lunch.
 My share of this is one 25mm miniatures for 5 points plus the extra 20 point for Curt Geld.  That would make 25 Points if I am correct in the calculations. John has already gotten his points for Voltaire.

MilesR: wow what a really nice figure - well done


  1. Thank you Miles glad you like it and and I hope Curt does as well. John will handle posting them during his next trip to Canada.

  2. Great job. I need that Voltaire figure myself!

  3. Nicely done Adam. I will get them off soon.

  4. Nice Curtgeld project guys - well done!

  5. Oh wow, this is just terrific. Both you and John did a fabulous job on this set and your painting styles compliment each other very well. I also really like the carpeted base - a great touch. Thank you very much.

  6. Very sharp work, Adam! Frederick turned out fantastic!

  7. Very nice work Adam, your very best I think.