Monday, 20 February 2017

Quite a Lot of Infantry - MartinC (321 Points)

I had a plan to submit 100 infantry today as next week I'm 50 and have 2 parties and guests for 1/2 the week. Also it's my busiest teaching week so it could be a quiet week painting wise. However I sit here looking at 36 partially painted figures and a Bonus round entry (I forgot about that).
So instead I have a meagre 64 figures to present.
1st up are some Nationalist Chinese from Reiver Castings that I bought at the York Show. Not the best figures but there was nobody selling Copplestone and the money was burning a hole in my pocket. They will be the foreign force supporting my Afghans in the up coming Back of Beyond Campaign vs Matt Crump

To be honest they have come out quite well

2 LMG sections

Command Section with big assed flag

This chap is a Dixon's Dahomey fighter that was in the wrong box in the lead mountain. These figures are really great

Persian Napoleon Militia force. These are Old Glory renaissance Persians and needed lots of conversion to make them suitable, esp. the hats.

Senegalese Triailleurs for 19thC Africa. Most of these are Dixon's  but some are Perry ACW zouaves and the out of focus officer is a WW1 German officer with a headswap.

Overall that is 64 figures for 320 points. And now we drinking, although bonus points for anyone who knows which film the quote "And now we do heroin" comes from

MilesR: wow 64 infantry in one week is still a mighty points bomb and you'll get a bonus point for the flag!  You are the first of several "big booms" this Monday


  1. You've certainly been busy this past week Martin - great work :)

  2. Boy you covered a lot of off the beaten path theatres this week Martin. I really like the Chinese but the best is the single Dahomy figure. Great stuff.

  3. Wow, what a lot of varied figures, very nice, I think I like the Dixon figure best, they do some really nice figures.
    Best Iain

  4. Great work the Dahomey fighter is the one I like best.

  5. I agree the Chinese came out very well!

    1. Cheers, I'm fairly pleased, not the best castings

  6. Nice mix of figures Martin. I really like those Senegalese troops.

  7. Wow! These are very impressive, Martin, well done!

  8. Very good indeed, I do like the Chinese.

  9. Great job Martin. You know the "big assed flag" will ensure victory...

  10. Nice mob of figures, Martin! I quite like the Senegalese! Happy big Five-Oooh too!
    For your query I'd say Trainspotting, Killing Zoey or most Q Tarantino movies. ;)

  11. That is rather a lot, all well done.