Tuesday, 7 March 2017

By Sean M: Aaaaaarrrrrrr! (35 points)

Just a little post to show some figs I did for a local WarMachine tournament.

So here are some of the Privateer Sea Dog figures: First Mate Hawk, Lord Rockbottom and the Deck Gun Crew.

The Deck Gun Crew is pretty generic, and probably could be used with any 28mm pirate themed army. Just a normal batch of pirate-y, mismatched clothes for a non-unified appearance. This is one of the few gun models I've seen with the carriage pegged into the ground for recoil. The Deck Gun in game is sub-par to it's larger cousin, the Commodore Cannon, but this sub-par player likes his sub-par models.

There's nothing outlandish about First Mate Hawk, except that she is a lady sea dog (not using the technical term), and there's none of Privateer's egregious steam punk design elements involved. Rule wise, her crew adores/lusts for her, and will take a bullet for her, and to quote Dr P. Venkman, "She's a nimble little minx." In the fluff, she wears a lot of pink, but that was unappealing to my sensibilities.

Lord Rockbottom is a proper pirate dwarf, peg leg (check), bicorne (check), shabby-chic frock coat (check) - unlike GW's pirate slayers. He has an unfeasibly long cutlass, and a fire spouting blunderbuss; because a fire based weapon is something you should employ a hundred leagues from shore... He's the ship's paymaster, so he can use "coins" to boost a model's game performance. However, as the Deck Gun is the only Sea Dogs unit I have, his current utility is limited.

So just a little snippet whilst I push on to the bitter end of the Challenge. I spent a good part of Sunday bashing out another large unit while listening to podcasts. On that note, I highly recommend "The Fall of Rome" and "The Battle of Verdun" podcasts.


By Paul: What an outstanding group of scabrous sea dogs! Splice the mainbrace me hearty!
Thats 4 figures, a cannon and some extra points for a wonderfully nautical submission and outrageously oversized bicorne. Yarrrr :-)


  1. Great looking piratical bunch!
    Best Iain

  2. Arrrrrrrr! They be a scurvy lot! :)

  3. I love that that last guy's hat is as broad as his shoulders (and almost as tall). Nice job Mr. McW.

  4. Yarrrgh!
    Nice work.

  5. They make me think of Pirates of the Caribbean as assimilated by the Borg. Nice.

  6. Very nice, I do enjoy pirates.

  7. Nice work, Sean! I hope you got the Mariner 'Jack to pair up with them! They are a nice lot of Sea Dogs as they are though! brilliant work on Hawk and Rockbottom too!