Tuesday, 7 March 2017

From BrendonW: Red and Black Light Cavalry (60 points)

6 x Perry Miniatures 28mm Light Cavalry charging into the rear of this painting challenge.

It's hard to believe that we have traveled through time to reach this point in this challenge. It's freaking March already! Well done everybody.

I found myself unexpectedly with more time on my hands the past week so managed to get these 6 completed. The nice fine detail on these miniatures means they can take me longer to paint than many other miniatures.
Form a line!
Three go right!
The other way!
Copy the other three and go left!
I meant right!!
now..... RUN AWAY!...RUN AWAY!

This weeks weather was interesting with a Cyclone form near by but it sort of skimmed past us and was only a Category 1. One of the hazards of living in the tropics.
Hope you are enjoying your painting. Cheers from the Top End of Australia.

Paul & Alan: Lovely job Brendon - I love the individuality of the figures, who come together nicely as a unit.  The time you spent detailing them was well worth it!  A handy 60 points has been added to your total.


  1. I never get tired looking at your cavalry Brendon. You make it look all so effortless. Brilliant work.

  2. Lovely light cavalry, they look great!
    Best Iain

  3. Awesome! I need to get me some of them!

  4. Very well done! Especially like the horses.

  5. Well done of these cavalry Brendon. This is a great box of figures and you've dome a great job with them.

  6. Very nice work Brendon. Canada's Mounties could take lessons from them for their musical ride. I agree with Curt, your cavalry always look fine.

  7. Very nice, lovely realistic tones.

  8. Love the horses, Brendon! It is really good to see reinforcements arriving for the Beer and Bacon horde too!
    That army must surly be an immpressive sight now!