Tuesday, 7 March 2017

ChrisH: still painting but no points dump (127 points)

Time keeps ticking away and my diverse range of interests (butterfly effect) means you have the chance to see a really odd mix of miniatures. I have a huge board of undercoated or part painted miniatures that I just can't get to finish. Some I only just purchased, others are pretty old but are seeing the light of day for the first time in years but now on with the photos, some of these are pretty old too. We recently found an old camera and I wanted to see if worked still. Thus the images are a bit smaller than usual as when I altered the original down to 72dpi it really shrank the photo. Best part about this is that I and you can't see all the errors.
2 Airfix Cromwells at 1/76 scale with an AB commander please note that I had a couple of decals for this lot.
Knight, the first of many for a Lion Rampant force I am putting together, this is an old original Citadel Miniature that I think Foundry now produce. I am pretty sure the Perry's sculpted these 20 years ago?
Matchbox Krupp Protz another blast from the past

Second Hand Reaper Lich that I just loved, I forgot to take a photo of the back that shows nice a dirty cloak bottom.

Airfix Clam shell US Halftrack, the price on the clam shell was 79c Australian or around 40 pence UK. Gosh I hang on to so old gems (or as my loving wife says "Gosh you hand on to some C..P!")

Nice Nomads for the Infinity game. I think most of these are out of production now but they still hold up as great miniatures. Not as old as the halftrack above.

ESCI or Italieri SDKFZ 251 1/72

PSC Sdkfz 250/9 again in 1/72 scale, this was a free sprue that PSC kindly sent with a preorder of their re-done rule book for Battlegroup. Really looking forward to playing with this one. (Rules and Halftrack)
Yu Jing Ninja Sniper for Infinity following the basing scheme that I used in the last painting challenge.
Different angle, at 40 points or so in the game it is hard to justify but as it is a Ninja hey what is not to love about it!
Last lot for this post, some foundry Cavemen. I also picked these up second hand and a quick coat of Army Painter barbarian flesh and a night of insomnia and ta da a hunting party from 30,000BC

What is rather nice is that my miniatures span 32175 years of history. Cavemen to the near future of 175 hence.

Points wise 11 X 28mm Minis at 5 points each and 6 X 20mm Vehicles at 12 Points each thus 127 points if my maths still serves me.

By Paul: What a wonderfully eclectic mix of goodness this submission is Chris - I love it!

Your Maths does indeed serve you well - watch out that Miles doesn't corrupt you to the dar side too the spreadsheet...!


  1. Nice fun mix of periods!
    Best Iain

  2. What an excellent assortment of miniatures! I really like that old Citadel knight - great job!

  3. Now that is a mixed bag of stuff - nice work Chris :)

  4. Very cool collection of minis and your math aptitude speaks for itself!

    You know, I've got this spreadsheet you might like to meet.....

    1. Maths and Stats are your end of the woods and to be honest due to Chi squared analysis of polychaete worms on a rock platform I am unlikely to ever go back to the dark side of stats.

  5. That's a nice trip through time. Thanks for the time warp. Great work. cheers

  6. That's quite a mix there Chris! Great job!

  7. A real mix. The Krupp takes me back alright I loved that kit!

  8. Wonderfully eclectic. I love the cavepeople.

  9. Nice work on this grab bag. Nice to see the Cromwells for a change. You have some really great CR*P.

  10. thanks for all the comments, cr*p, tat or gems all are a joy to me.

  11. Great collection; I like the halftracks and the sniper in particular!

  12. There is a lot to appreciate here! I really enjoy your colllection of HO/OO vicks! My son inherited mine and all the esci/italeria, airfix/atlantic troops too. Yours look so much beter than my skills at 11! ;)