Friday, 3 March 2017

From GrahameH: Another Army Finished (468 Points)

Not these (although can't see what else to add to them) British Home Guard (Peter Pig)

The Home Guard

A closer look at a unit

Modern Transport - the bicycle. Painted some discarded bikes just behind so I can have this unit dismounted (need to buy another three of the mounted ones I feel)

Not sure why I have these. Peter Pigs WW2 British Police and Air Wardens. Also painted 2 as Fire Brigade.

Total for "Dad's Army"

30 Soldiers on foot - 4 on bicycles and 5 unmanned bicycles with Pvt Goddfrey in the rear. 8 Emergency Services (4 Police, 2 Wardens and 2 Fire Brigade)

I did enjoy painting these, but back to the Russians.

Soviet Naval Infantry (and more flamming head swaps)

Finished this army now. Mainly Battlefront Figures with some Peter Pig (heads also Peter Pig - their head range I have found very useful)

Soviet Naval Infantry (total Below)

A Section, Platoon or Company depending on what rules I am using

82mm Mortar (and yet more head swaps as no one makes any support weapons or transport for Naval Infantry in 15mm - well not that I could find)
2 X AT Guns and Limbers
AA Truck (Truck Battlefront - gun and crew Peter Pig)
I know its a French car but couldn't find a Russian one in 15mm (Peter Pig)
Supply Wagon (Battlefront)

2 X 76.2 Infantry Gun ( I've done Limbers for these but they're not in the photo)


Grand Total 2 X AT Guns with 3 Crew, 2 X Infantry Guns with 3 Crew, 4 Limbers, 1 Car, 1 AA Truck, 1 Supply Wagon, 1 Truck, 3 X MMG with 3 Crew, 3 X 82mm Mortar with 3 Crew, 2 x 120mm Mortars with 3 Crew, 3x 50mm Mortars with 2 crew, 4 AT Rifles with 2 crew, 2 wagons for the mortars and 70 infantry.

And just because I had them 2 X ZIS 30s (Battlefront)


And the last cossack (honest) had some heads and dancers left over (Peter Pig)

Oh gosh Grahame you are a painting machine at these 15mms. Those black-tunic'd naval infantry look excellent, seems that's every WWII wargamer's favourite Russian force, and deservedly so, as they stand out in the sea of khaki, green and feldgrau. You've done a smashing job on them, and it's great to see them so well supported with AT guns and a bit of AA! The pair of Zis-30s are cute, and who doesn't love a dancing cossack (though I'm sure you declared that army finished the other week). But you've made the home guard look like vaguely effective fighting machines, which isn't on, really. 
You always flummox me when it comes to calculating your tallies. *maths hat on, ritual of summoning for Miles* 
42 Home guard foot (counting the discarded bicycles), four bicycle-mounted 'cavalry'. Plus 118 Soviet infantrymen including crew and the dancing cossacks, fifteen crewed guns (not counting the AT rifles as they're too small for me) and twelve misc vehicles/wagons/limbers. 
=a whopping four hundred and sixty-eight points Boom - points bomb! 
Now Miles, come along and correct my calculation. 



  1. Amazing, must be close to the biggest bomb, and in 15mm. Great work

  2. Wow - love those naval troops!

  3. What a points bomb Grahame! Great work and a well-deserved leap into 6th place :)

  4. Wow! That is just amazing Grahame. So much to admire but I have to say I really like the discarded bicycles - very thematic. Wonderful!

  5. How nice are these great work, really great work. Where is the Citroen? from.

  6. Fabulous soviets and dads army love your dancing cossaks!
    Best Iain

  7. Nice work, home guard and dancing cossaks!

  8. Excellent work,Grahame! They are all wonderful, but I'm most impressed with the the discarded bicycles and the Cossacks in say nothing of the head swaps! a truly impressive host of minis!