Wednesday, 8 March 2017

From IsobelS: Spooky Scary Skeletons! (50 points)

Hello everyone!

This week has been less hectic than its predecessors so I have been able to finally get down to some serious painting. I will admit that I have been fluffing around somewhat and being finicky with a few character models that I am yet to complete. However, I have finally come around to finishing a small portion of my skeleton collection. Yay!

These 10 28mm skeletons were purchased from North Star and were named '10 Assorted Skeletons'. A very apt description. I also know that these guys were at least sculpted by a gentleman named Roy in 1992. I will most likely end up using these guys as a unit in Dragon Rampant, though I think that they would fit splendidly into any fantasy or light-hearted skirmish game.

It is an understatement to say that I was thrilled when I first acquired these models as not only were they free of heavy and ridiculous armour that seems to adorn many undead fantasy models these days, but they were also beautifully cast having near to no mold imperfections and amazing detail. I absolutely love the Jason and the Argonauts feel these guys give off and I'm so pleased that they will be among the first models of my skeleton collection to be painted. 

The group assembled in nice lines.

I will apologise for the poor quality of the pictures, my phone camera is nothing spectacular and I'm still working out the optimum lighting in our new place.

The Red Crew (from left to right): Bonsey 'Shield' Malone, Learing Spearskele, Grim Reaper in training, The Butcher of Bonestown, and No-Eyes Marksman

For my collection, I decided that for the skeletons red, and blue glowing eyes, would be a unifying feature. I have also tried to give the majority of the weaponry, armoury, and other bits and bobs and aged feel. I made all the wood quite dark and the weapons have rust effects. Sadly these photos don't really do a good job of showing this but trust me, it's there.

Close up of the other members of the squad.

And the back comes to the front

I painted the bases quite dark and flocked them with generic static grass to match the graves that I painted up for the Home bonus round. In the very near future, hopefully next week, I'll have a skeleton drummer to match. That being said I do have a large handful of Napoleonic Officers that need doing so that the Retreat from Moscow for I was working on can finally be playable.

That's all for this week!

Paul & Alan: Very nice Isobel - I love the glowing eyes, thats a great effect to make them stand out.  50 points for you for these boney chaps!


  1. Cracking skellies Isobel :)

  2. Very nice, dem bones are spooky!

  3. Nice skeletons, I like the glowing eyes!
    Best Iain

  4. Excellent miniatures with excellent painting. Thanks for bringing these to our attention. cheers

  5. Great minis, great alliteration in the title and great Jason and the Argonauts reference!

  6. Yeah, those eyes are very cool. Well done Isobel. Now off to watch a Harryhausen movie...

  7. Great stuff, everybody needs a Skellie sometimes!

  8. I love painting skellies- great eyes!

  9. The glowing eyes does enhance them a lot Isobel! I really like these fellows and they are a refreshing take after all the mega armored skellies out there! ;)