Wednesday, 8 March 2017

From IannickM : Cobra Troopers (25 Points)

File name, unknown. 
Primary military specialty: Infantry
Secondary military specialty : Sabotage

Five of the nameless, faceless legions of Cobra command. Each Cobra is highly skilled in the use of explosives, all NATO and Warsaw pact small arms, sabotage and the martial arts. 

Cobras swear absolute loyalty to their fanatical leader, Cobra Commander...their goal, to conquer the world for their own evil purpose. 

Five more Cobra troopers this week, to go along my 80s Pulp duel with Sander. They were originally meant to be part of the duel, but I decided to include 5 Crimson Guards instead, to add some colour and variety to my entry.

The Cobra troopers are the "cannon fodder" of the Cobra organization, i.e. think of the classic James Bond villain henchmen (aka minions). So they will be quite useful in the games I intend to play with this project. They were mostly inept in the cartoons (poor sods afflicted with the famous Stormtrooper Marksmanship skill), but I loved them nonetheless, as once again I had a soft spot for all masked evil grunts! Doing all the work with oh so little recognition! 


I tried to give them the classic cartoon bright blue, instead of the darker blue we often see on cosplayers and the figures. My blue is probably a bit lighter, mostly due to the highlights, but I'm satisfied with it. I actually used my base recipe for 40K Ultramarines, and then added extra highlights using two light blue colours. Couldn't do the white suspenders, though, that was too much siliness for me! When I started them, I thought they would be super easy to paint, what with them all blue, but I quickly realized the bastards have so much leg straps (and suspenders) they'd make a Napoleonic soldier proud! 

Of course Seb (creator of the range) gave them a more realistic outfit, with realistic guns and equipment. Gives them a slightly more serious look, and they fit right in an evil terrorist organization!

...aaaand another 25pts to add to my total. Once Curt adds my points from the 80s side duel challenge, I believe I will have surpassed my goal of 550pts! (yeah)

ByronM: Cool flash back to my childhood Iannick.  I remember when all those came out and all of us lost our minds and wanted all the cool GI Joe toys.  As you state, your colour is lighter, but its a comic and tv show, so whatever colour you like is good, no one is going to hold it against you.  They look awesome. 


  1. Great work Iannick. They look like a nefarious, evil (and blue) lot.

  2. Smashing stuff Iannick! They were branded as "Action Force" in the U.K. And I had a tonne of them and subscribed to the comic too.... their predecessors the "red shadows" and their leader "the Baron" were even more hapless :)

    1. Thanks Jamie! Funnily I learned about Action Force just very recently. I had no idea there was a European side to GI Joe!

  3. Thanks everyone for the comments, always appreciated!!

  4. Brilliant stuff Iannick. Well done.

  5. They look really good! Suitable goons/ cannon fodder for our heroes.

  6. Nice work, Iannick! Im chuffed not only to see GiJoe in mini form, but also painted really well to boot!