Friday, 17 March 2017

From KenR: 28mm SCW Moroccan Regulares Part 2 (141 Points)

One of three posts for me in this final week. These were ready for last week but work meant I never had chance to get any photos done or a blog post up.

Now these may look familiar as I finished another unit of these a couple of weeks ago, these are definitely a different unit ! There isn't much to say about these that wasn't said last time.

Figures are 28mm and the 4 command figures are from the old Force of Arms range whilst the remaining 24 are from North Star, chuck in a flag and that will be a cool 141 points to push me towards 1500. Maybe I should have gone for the SCW side duel, I think I might be in front.

Both units completed during the challenge together and ready for action at Jarama (when the Baltic Naval Campaign finally ends)

Good evening Ken! I've been thoroughly enjoying how much SCW we've seen this challenge, and it's been a pleasure seeing yours. You've captured these Regulares very well, and your basing looks bang on for Spain to me. The flag in this latest batch is unusual, is there a story behind it?
141 Points for your tally, and I hope these perform adequately at Jarama (I'd be rooting for the Republican underdogs though)


  1. Cheers Phil, I saw the flag on the Empress Miniatures website on their Regulares flag sheet, need to look up myself. The main reason was having a clear difference between the two units.

  2. Very nice brushwork,Ken! I like the treatment you gave them and I agree that the basing looks dead on for Spanish soil! I am not tired of SCW at all! ;)

  3. Really nice figs again Ken, I've been enjoying your output this year.

    1. Thanks Peter, always good to get positive comments. The madness continues all year round on the Yarkshire Gamer website !

    2. I've been trolling you sir. If I ever make to the wilds of Yarkshire I'd like to game with you - we have a lot of common interests.