Friday, 17 March 2017

From GrahameH: Last post and not a Russian in Sight (960 Points)

I missed posting anything last week due to work and stuff, so posting two weeks worth now . Guess this will be my last post until next year. Looking back I think I set my goal far too low. But it was my first year and I will know better next year. Overall this has been great fun, and I might have painted more than I purchased (might?)

Bit of a mix but here goes.


My last pike block for this Tercio.

Spanish Pike - 36 Figures (Essex Miniatures)

 English (Late Tudors to fight the Spanish above)

All Cavalry (23 Mounted Figures - Essex)

The General and Escort

Border Horse (There are two units of these)

Demi Lancers

French Wars of Religion


45 Mounted Figures - Essex Miniatures

The General

Argoulets (Light Cavalry)


Gendarmes (there are 4 units of theses)


48 Mounted Figures

"Millers" - 3 Units of these. Apparently called Miller because of the white coats they wore

A General and more Gendarmes (Not much different from the Catholic apart from the white feathers)

Mughal Late 1500s

Total 53 Mounted and 4 Elephants (All Essex)

One of the Heavy Cavalry Units and one of the General stands

Two of the Elephants

And the other two.

WW2 Germans

An just for a change from painting cavalry some Late War German Infantry

61 Infantry, 2 x 120mm Mortar, 2 x 81mm Mortar, 4 x MMG

A unit (Section, Platoon, Coy depending on what rules I am using)

4 MMGs with 3 crew

Two 81mm Mortar and 3 crew each

Two 120mm Mortars and 3 crew each

And that's it (sorry but had to rush this post just to ensure it went on). I have really enjoyed doing this challenge. Can't get over how much you can paint if you have a deadline, and I still haven't hit the painting wall yet. Any chance of running it for a further three months (maybe not)?

My thanks to those who ran the challenge and had the envious task of adding up the totals. Likewise, to  all those that took part and those who left comments regarding my entries.

Thursday Night

Had a spare hour so painted this for the Mughals

Mughal Heavy Artillery 

 Honest that is the last entry from me (this year).

There's still time Grahame! More than two days painting, Curt will still accept entries! 
Still, this is a massive points bomb to drop in on the final day: by my tally, 105 infantry, 178 cavalry/guns and 4 elephantine 'vehicles' across four different armies. And is that fourteen flags I count. I've got to count those. A teensy bit of a pity that there aren't more of those Russians though, particularly the seemingly endless Cossacks in your lead pile.  
I've really enjoyed your entries Grahame, really impressive not only in the sheer number of miniatures painted and speed at which you work, but also maintaining a high quality and distinctive style: neat, excellent colour choices and good detailing and basing. All things I'm not very good at when I work in 15s. 
960 points for one entry - not quite enough to join the 1000 points club, damn close. Your tally is now over 3300 points, more than three times your target.Huge congratulations - that's such impressive output, particularly of this quality. 


  1. Well done Grahame top points dude for Team Friday

  2. That's one heck of a fortnight's painting Grahame! Your output this Challenge has been amazing for quality and quantity :)

  3. HOLY COW! This is amazing Grahame, terrific stuff. I really like that Spanish pike tercio.

  4. Amazing, really fantastic work, love the Mughals

  5. Fabulous pike blocks and a what a load of brilliant figures, thought they were 28mm! Best Iain

  6. Now that is a point bomb! Fantastic work, Grahame! I could go quite a bit for what I like about this post, so to save time...
    The Mughals are outstanding! I like the colors and the details and all the detailing on the elephants! That is a very sharp looking warhost!
    Congrats on getting some Germans put together for your Cossacks to run down too! ;)

  7. That's a points WMD! A very vibrant entry.


    Amazing stuff Grahame. I don't know where to start but I love all the late 16th century stuff. Those Mughal heffalumps steal the show for me.