Friday, 17 March 2017

From KenR: 28mm SCW Nationalist Cavalry (101 Points)

So here we are at the end of my "rookie" year in the AHPC and this will be (barring a miracle) my final entry for this year's challenge. I do have a unit of 15mm SYW Cavalry on the go but I am working nights this weekend and have an important interview next week so time is not on my side. I'm also hoping that James will get his half of the Curtgeld finished in time to show our team effort.

The final submission are 10 x 28mm Nationalist Spanish Civil War Cavalry from the wonderful Empress Miniatures. They are as you would expect from that company gorgeous figures, full of the detail and character you would expect.

For those interested in buying the figures for your own collections they do come with a separate Sword which sits on the side of the horse just behind the rider. I haven't included them as with all my figures, they are designed for gaming and bits that could fall off are generally left off.

One small quibble with this set is the difference between the Officer and the Bugler. The Officer is a slightly larger figure whose Horse,  at the saddle, is 3 or 4 mm higher. That and the poses make the Bugler look absolutely tiny. It's a small point but it's the first thing I see when I look at them.

I bought these at York in 2016, Empress do a Unit Deal for the 10 figures shown for £36. I bought another 10 this year and will get those done soon, although I haven't decided what my final unit composition will be.

Ten 28mm Horse at 10 points each plus a 1pt flag kicker should net me 101 points added to the 211 from the other two submissions of the day see me over 1500 pts (not including any late Curtgeld bonus).

I wasn't sure what points total to set this year as it was my first attempt but doubling my initial estimate is a bit of a surprise. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience and a great motivator to keep the Vallejo flowing.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to make comments on my submissions you have all been very kind and a special thanks to Curt for organising this whole wonderful thing, ably assisted by his wonderful Minions. Go Team Friday  !

Three entries in one day, great stuff Ken. And these are by far my favourite of the three, so I'm glad they'll be the last to get posted up. Some of the finest SCW sculpts out there courtesy of Empress (I can attest to that as I've a few myself) and it's brilliant to see them charging en masse. I hadn't noticed 'tiny bugler' syndrome though!
Really nice work on the horses, they look pleasingly varied without being a kaleidoscope of different breeds, and nice work on the socks and markings. The troopers have an 'on campaign' look about them with their varied blanket rolls and dress, and nice work on the distinctive gorillo cap. 
You're quite right on your tally, 101 points, which brings your total to a smashing 1513 points - more than double your original 750 points tally! Congratulations Ken, brilliant work representing the Friday crew - Go Team Friday indeed. I'm glad the Challenge has served its motivational purpose for you. Time for one last entry though...maybe?  


  1. Lovely work Ken :)

    Hopefully that 15mm SYW cavalry unit is 95 strong and that you do manage to complete it before the weekend's out so that you can pip me in the side duel :)

  2. Cheers Tamsin, it's 94 strong but has 12 flags !

    Sadly no chance, no painting for me until next week.

  3. The cav look glorious, Ken! From basing, to horseflesh, to gear...these fellows are very well done! I like the spot color use that keeps you looking back and forth across the troops!

  4. These are fabulous Ken. I've not tried the SCW cavalry yet but I think, after seeing yours, I'll have to give them a whirl. It was excellent having your with us this year Ken and I hope you can join us again for the next campaign season.

    1. Thanks very much Curt. They are really great figures and something a little bit different to add to the table.

      It been a pleasure taking part this year and I am pretty sure I will be back again. Regards

  5. Great looking figures again Ken. Lovely work.

  6. Great work Ken. I had not considered that there was cavalry in use during the of the great things about this Challenge is the fun of learning about different periods through the submissions of others.

    1. Cheers Greg, used mostly by the Nationalists as Mounted Infantry and Scouting but lots of other examples in what was after all an early motorised period.