Friday, 17 March 2017

From KeithS: Scots part 2 (84 points)

A wise man once said, if it's not Scottish, it's craaaap!  So, continuing the Scottish saga of Scots for Saga, here is a batch of 16 warriors.  All are from Gripping Beast in 28mm.  This project has been odd -- I had trouble finding much good information on authentic Dark Age Scottish attire and such.  And, I really wanted them to be distinct from my Viking and Saxon forces also used for Saga.  Thus, tartans and stripes were called for, even if they might not be 100% authentic (if I have to compromise between looking good and true authenticity, looks are probably going to win).

Here's the first four a little closer.  I went the easy route and did not hand paint the shields -- if I had, I doubt I'd have finished these for the challenge.  Plus, I wanted them a touch fancier looking than my skill would allow (and doing that on top of tartans would've broke me).

More designs.  I tried to give every figure something - tartans, stripes, checks, etc.

Most of this group have spears, though there's an axeman and swordsman in the mix.

For colors, I really did use the same as for the gobs of Vikings and Saxons I painted for last year's challenge.  However, the patterns make them quite distinct, and they should look good on a battlefield.

That's all - for now.  The last batch of Scots is nearing completion, but I could not quite find the time to finish them and post with these guys.  I have today (Friday) off, so I am hoping to slip them in before the end of the day, but they'll certainly be done by the end of the Challenge!

I'm glad you made one last Friday appearance Keith, I was a bit worried when I surveyed the drafts this morning. It wouldn't be the same Friday Crew without you, though I'm gutted there isn't even a single fantasy adventurer or monster here. These are some mighty fierce looking Scottish warriors, and I appreciate the extra work you've put in with the shield transfers and patterns - it's what makes this faction stand out from their other Dark Age brethren. 
16 figures for a base of 80 points, and I get one final little dusting of bonus points forth extra effort: 84 points to you sir. Which pushes you over the 1,500 points mark, well past your 1,000 target - congratulations again.  


  1. No such thing as inauthentic tartan, Keith, especially in the Dark Ages. Grey, black, brown or white cloths come from undyed wools, while the range of native flowers and lichens found in Scotland means that you'll never be short of accent colours for patterns. They look just fine to me!

  2. It is shocking to see a post without dungeon critters, Keith! ;)
    Nice work on these fellows though, I do like the various Tartan patterns you have come up with.
    If it works, it works and these do sell them as Scots! I had my head handed to me this morning over the 79th New York milita which fought in tartan trews, kilts, and dark blue trousers ( lots of replacements) they initially had red jackets but swapped to blue with epulates and red cuffs. The were modeled after the Blackwatch. Their tartan had two styles being a pre war and post war. They look predominantly red but a version matches the Gordan I've also seen one with heavy gold stripes-which I liked and said so....
    Just to spite the button counters, my 79th NY Highlanders are going to have red, white, and blue tartans ( with some gold!) ;)

  3. Nice work on all that tartan!

  4. Great Scott, those are nice Scotts!