Saturday, 11 March 2017

From Millsy: Warhammer Reiksguard Knights (101 Points)

It's taken the best part of two weeks but I've managed to finish a unit of 10 mounted Reiksguard Knights for my Warhammer Fantasy Empire army.

These are some of my favourite miniatures from the range and a serious contributor to why I started this army in the first place.

In the fluff you see the Reiksguard portrayed as the strong right arm of the Emperor. They're the go-to guys for any situation that can't be handled by anyone else. Even a small detachment can save the day against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Yet whenever you see them in official literature they are wearing shiny, flawless, pristine armour. To me this is at odds with their reputation for getting the job done at the pointy end. If you're in it up to your neck in in day after day you've neither the time nor the space to [ahem!] "polish your pauldrons". You barely have time to wipe away the ichor of Chaos before getting back to work!

So in keeping with my idea of a working man's unit of knights my guys are suitably dark and grimy. Theres's some decoration because after all these are scions of the Empire, but only just enough to make a point. The rest is cold, functional steel and leather.

There's unfortunately no musician in the range so I've opted to include a second champion in a surcoat to represent him instead. I quite like the look of it and don't feel the unit lacks anything as a consequence.

The keen-eyed observer will notice the lack of shields. I'm having something of a crisis of decision in this regard. I'm not overly taken with the idea of using the current range shields on them but don't have much else on hand at present so a little fleaBay Foo is likely in order.

So that's it for this week. 10 stalwart chaps on horseback for 100 points. Nothing like I used to knock out in terms of quantity but I'm happy with how the army is turning out.

Next up some archers and perhaps a hero or two.



...And our indispensable Duels Wallah, Millsy, trots onto the field...

Cor!  These are superb Millsy! I remember doing a unit of these years ago (in plastic) and loving all the gothic plate, plumes and lances. I like your more utilitarian approach to them as it makes the judicious use of colour pop that much more amongst the dour horse barding and plate harness. I've never really been sold by the shields on this unit as they seem almost a distraction to their clean lines, but I suppose you need them for the extra armour save in the game. I'm sure you're delighted having these heavy-hitters on your roster now.

This unit of Reiksguard will give you 101 points sir. Lovely work and I look forward to your upcoming archers and heroes.


  1. Frigging marvelous stuff Millsy, just glorious!

  2. Brilliant work Millsy...good to see ya knock these out

  3. Lovely work Michael - Oldhammer is always the way to go!

  4. Those are some nice looking knights , good job

  5. Great work Millsy. I'll second Curt on the pop from the selective use of colour. Plus I love barber pole lances.

  6. really nice indeed, I like the worn look and the basing is ace.

  7. Nice gallopers there mate - they do indeed look brutally efficient!
    +1 on the splashes of colour tying them all together

  8. Very nice, very nice indeed.

  9. Great looking reiksguard , who needs shields they look brilliant!
    Best Iain

  10. That's a fantastic looking unit! Love the grim look you gave them.

  11. They are truly stunning Millsy!

  12. That is a very impressive unit of bully boys, Millsy! I like the variation in lances and the dull armor. They are a grand looking unit!