Saturday, 11 March 2017

Coffee and Paint for Saturday - Remember: Drink and Brush, Not the Other Way Around.

Yes, I have a unhealthy love of meme generators - I can't help myself.

Holy cow!! 

I know it's hard to believe, but we're just about to go into the last week of the Challenge. It's amazing how the time flies, eh? I have so many unfinished projects on my desk it's not even funny. Nevertheless, it's crunch time now.

I see that looking the roster we are just under the 70,000 mark, but I know if we buck up we can make it to our targeted 76K. We should have a few hundred points in the bag with the Saturday crew, especially if 'Miles the Machine' gets a wiggle on, but after that it's just one more go around to the checkered flag.

Iannick and I are neck-in-neck at 632 points so we've challenged eachother to see who can win the final sprint to the finish. If you have someone who's close to you in points I challenge you all to do the same. Let's see what we can get done in these last few days!

Also, remember that if you haven't already, please take some time to tour the last theme round and cast your votes for your favourite entries. I'll be making the announcement on the results tomorrow. 

Otherwise next week will be the last lap for our hard-working Weekly Minions, so please behave and do them proud.   I'm going to try to get a few entries under the wire so I can thrash Iannick. Wish me luck!

Curt / Out  


  1. Luck! :)

    I'm pretty sure we'll be able to breach the 76k mark - all we need is 600 points per day :)

  2. sorry guys, 600 points a day is beyond me, but now I passed the 1000 points Mark, I will try to do my utmost best to get my intended 1500 points target, which, only days ago, I was sure not to be able to reach...

  3. After seven years of running this I've always found the last few days to be a intense flurry of submissions, so I think we'll have a good shot. The fact that the last days fall on the weekend will help as well.

    Paint you fiends! Paint!

  4. I'm going to have to steal this picture! Coffee, Star Wars, and attitude! LOVE IT! ;)