Saturday, 11 March 2017

From MilesR: US War of 1812 Infantry (202 Points)

With Challenge VII entering its finals days, I thought it was high time to submit a proper Napoleonic "Big Battalion" style unit.  I present for your approval the US 14th Infantry regiment from the War of 1812.  The unit consists of 40 28mm metal figures from Brigade Games.  The 14th Infantry was raised in Maryland and fought along the Niagara border region.

The matte medium is still drying on the far left figure in this shot - I'm a little pressed for time as I have an event to meet my wife at - it's one of those obligations that threaten dire consequences if I'm late or have paint on my fingers.

Still, I might be able to get a few more figures done....
Brigade games has a really nice War of 1812 line as well as some Napoleonic Naval figures (I painted up a good bit of those last Challenge).

I think 40 figures gets me 200 points and I'll leave it the Snow Lord if the flags are worth anything.

That's it for today!


Wonderful work Miles! I'm delighted that you managed to fire off a volley even with family obligations pressing your time - please give both our apologies and thanks to your lovely wife.

These yanks look very nice (and a impressively beefy battalion as well). I've looked at the Brigade range rather covetously, but have kept my small forays to French and British figures so far. Are these for an upcoming convention game, Miles, or reinforcements for your existing collection? 

These 40 [rather hapless] Americans will give you 202 points, with a few more added for their colours. Well done Mr. R! Now, we just need to find a Laura Secord for you to paint. :)


  1. Miles you're a machine. Great work on these targets, um Yankee scum invaders, um US infantry.

  2. Very nice work, these chaps look very smart

  3. Nice work on these napoleonic type infantry, they've come out well!
    Best Iain

  4. Here I am sweating t out to finish a similar unit of 10 and you casually drop a 40 chap battalion on the pile. Well done Sir! I hope you got all the paint off your fingers in time :-)

  5. A grand looking unit Miles :)

  6. An excellent looking unit Miles.

  7. Excellent wor, Miles! I don't see 1812 stuff often enough, so it's a special treat when served up bomb style!