Monday, 13 March 2017

From Curt: Tribute to Minion Miles - Abdul Alhazred, Accountant to Azathoth, Narlathotep & Young (5 Points)

Following with tradition, I present my tribute figure to Miles for his herculean efforts in shepherding the Monday crew AND for creating/feeding the Challenge Spreadsheet.

Miles has often bragged claimed he uses nefarious mathemagical dark arts to do his work, delving into the horrific mysteries of accounting and maths. As such, I thought one Dark Practitioner deserves another and so I give you Abdul Alhazred, yes, the author of the dread Necronomicon, but also Head Accountant for the firm of Azathoth, Narlathotep & Young, a import/export conglomerate with offices in Cairo, London, Paris, New York and The Shadows Out of Time.

In order to keep the company's books balanced Abdul often utilizes various forms of blood magic, non-euclidean algorithms and ritual sacrifice, and if those don't work he holds down the red and white beads on his abacus for a reboot. 

From time to time Mr. Alhazred is visited by pesky external auditors who wish to examine his books for...irregularities. For these instances Abdul keeps a trusty 9mm Luger, and if they are especially persistent he introduces them to 'Pistachio', his un-neutered Hound of Tindalos (not seen here as he likes to nap in another dimension).

I'm not sure, but I believe this is an older Bob Murch figure. I quite like the sculpt - he has loads of character and, really, who can deny a little fat guy sporting a Luger and a fez. I had a bit of fun trying to work out a recipe for a decent Middle Eastern flesh-tone, and with a little trial and error I found that the Foundry 'Spearshaft' triad works quite nicely. Now duly noted in the painting journal!

I hope you like him Miles. Maybe you can find him a spot in your upcoming D&D/WWII convention game. Again, thanks so much for keeping the Monday Mob in-line and the spreadsheet gods appeased - it was a task for heroes.

Five Points! 

Hmm. Back to the brushes for me.

MilesR: Today it's my great pleasure to announce that the Snow Lord is now an official Mondayanier with all the privileges and obligations that convey with said august title. Curt your official Monday decoder ring is in-the-mail, please expect 6 weeks for delivery.

I am thrilled with the figure and will make sure it has a place of honor as one of the main villains in my upcoming Historicon Games. I'll be running two versions "DAK and Dragons" and then "SOCOM and Sorcery". Rest Assured that Mr. Alhazred will figure prominently in both games. Any figure painted by you is something to be treasured. I would trade my speed painting skills for just 20% of your quality painting skills.

When not on the gaming table, I will keep Mr Alhazred on the Bucentaure as a mascot - he does seem to be the adventurous type despite the portly exterior. Hmmm, that one hit pretty close to home!


  1. Surely that should be "Abdul Alhazdefinitelynotinthered"? ;)

    A fitting tribute to our resident mathemagician :)

  2. That's awesome! Lovely miniatures with equally excellent painting!. cheers

  3. Finally, an honest portrayal of math...

    Brilliant work dude, an excellent figure. I'm sure Miles will enjoy him!

  4. Cracking figure and great paint job!

    Accountants of the world unite and rise up.....!

  5. Wonderful tribute Curt, the figure is awesome and the story is fab too!

  6. A fantastic tribute - one of my favourite HPL characters!

  7. Oh that's such a fine choice ... lovely stuff

  8. Great work Curt. I love the pet, he looks like a demonic Snuffaluffagus!

  9. Curt, really wonderful work! Evokes many Arkham Horror games with you over the years!

  10. Ahh, love it! Great mini and a most funny backstory.

  11. That is a wonderful figure, Curt! I quite like the fez it seems we have been been suffering from a fez drought with very few fez displayed this season.
    Cudos to Miles for taming the spreadsheet, as for myself, I will keep my war club close by for any negotiations with that fell beast! ;)