Monday, 13 March 2017

From JohnSe: Fighters, Lancers and Layabouts (64 Points)

Like many of you, I jump from project to project and this week's entries represent miniatures from three of my current projects.

One of my goals for the Challenge was to get my Star Wars Armada ships finished off. I play Armada regularly, and we're gearing up to try a campaign this Spring. I couldn't field unpainted forces, so I've steadily been adding paint to these tiny ships as a break from 28mm figures.

These E-Wings were recently added to the pool of Rebel forces, while the brown Moldy Crow is an older release that I've finally managed to paint up. I enjoyed adding paint to the Armada scale X-Wings, Y-Wings and other squadrons seen in the films, but these E-Wings (designed for the comic books) lack the character and detail of the classic ships.

I don't tend to play Imperials, but for those rare occasions that I do I'll bring these bounty hunter vessels since they are sporting fresh paint jobs. Bossk's Hound's Tooth is a big garbage truck of a ship that get's deadlier as it receives damage, while Dengar's Punishing One has proven annoying when I've faced it in enemy fleets.

I've recently returned from a family vacation to Disney World, and a visit to "Pirates of the Caribbean" has fired my enthusiasm to complete my Spanish forces from the recent "Blood and Plunder" kickstarter. Hoping to get all of these figures done so I can get cracking on their ships and some terrain.

Finally, I completed just two figures from the Astropolis kickstarter. I have a dozen, primed and ready to go, but each is so unique and full of character that I wind up spending far more time on each individual which has slowed my progress. Unlike the weak sculpts and soft detail of the "Blood and Plunder" figures, these detailed Astropolis figs are a joy to paint. I can easily picture these two slack jawed wrench monkeys banging on the innards of some huge, decrepit space freighter.

I'm hoping to sneak in a few more figures before the deadline, but with the Cold Wars convention approaching, that may be too optimistic.

MilesR: A rather varied submission Jon but all very well painted.  64 points has been added to your tally


  1. Lovely star wars stuff and I like the pirates but the two mechanics are just awesome!
    Best Iain

  2. Very nice stuff allround!

  3. Varied and very nicely painted. I really like your mechanics and your Star Wars ships. We're playing the Corellian Campaign right now and both Imperial players have the 'Jumpmaster 5000' which always makes us laugh as it just cries out to be called out in a used car saleman's voice. 'Behold, the Jumpmaster 5000! It comes standard with air, power windows, intel and Swarm!'

  4. All very nice but those Astropolis characters are brilliant!!!

  5. Fantastic painting on the pirates and fitters.

  6. Excellent stuff. Hmmm! Star Wars armada fighters might be good for Horizon Wars. One of the mechanics reminds me of a certain Simpson. Cheers

  7. Great and nicely varried group of entries.

  8. I'm sure I've seen the last two characters on an RCAF flight line.
    Lovely work all around.

  9. Those starfighters are cool, but the engineers are excellent!

  10. A wonderful submission, John! I really like the detail job on the armada ships, and the grubby look of the pirate pike on the deck bases is really nice. The stars are those mechanics!
    They do look to be wonderful sculpts and I really like your treatment of them!