Monday, 13 March 2017

From ClintB: The Royal Navy Landing Party (28mm) (30 Points)

Faltering but continuing. Just Front and back pics of the Ironclad miniatures Royal Navy Victorian Science Fiction Landing party.

Not sure If they will be used for In her Majesties Name or Rogue stars (but in a VSF setting)

6 figures in all. All armed with pistols and except one all armed with cutlass (or Boarding knives) As mentioned all by Ironclad Miniatures and all in Tropical uniform and wearing boarding armour. (They are SCI FI models after all).

All the Best Clint

MilesR: 2 entries from Clint - we are lucky toady - very whimsical to say the least, but in a proper sort of British way, of course.


  1. Fun figures - are they all named Ned or Kelly? Nice painting Clint :)

  2. I also did a batch of these lads back in AHPC IV, but in Winter uniform.
    Fun figures and nicely executed Clint!

  3. Some interesting looking chaps there

  4. Neat looking figures Clint. I wonder about the wisdom of the boiler plate armour aboard boats but what do I know?

    1. Put on this cast iron stove. Try not to fall overboard.

  5. Very nice, I like the contrasting white trousers!

  6. Those are some neat minis, Clint! I like very much the colors you selected for them and your treatment of the armor!