Tuesday, 26 December 2017

From EvanH: 28mm Orc Chieftain (10 Points)

Greetings, Fellow Challengers!

Ev here, coming to you from the summery climes of Sydney (no, not the one in Nova Scotia, the humid and sticky one).

Here, at long last, is entry number one for my third Challenge. We got lucky with the weather (i.e., it's actually under 25C) so I finally sat down at the workbench this morning and started on my latest figure, a Scibor 28mm Orc Chieftain, a companion piece of sorts to last Challenge's Big Fella.

Time flies when you're having fun, and I put a fair bit of time in to finish my latest green thug.

Having done last year's Orc in cooler blue-green tones, I decided to shift the colour palette to the olive and khaki end of the spectrum, working the skin up from a base of Mig Olive Drab through Vallejo Russian Uniform and blending in khakis to lighten the mix. Yellow and green glazes finished the skin tones.

The armour was layered up from a base of Vallejo Game Colour Tinny Tin through VMC Bronze and VGC Bright Bronze. Green washes were added to simulate corrosion of the armour and give it a lived-in look.

The stone sword was basecoated with VGC Sombre Grey and drybrushed with successively lighter layers of grey to give it a flinty look. The fallen statue on the base was a lot of fun to drybrush and apply washes to - so much character!

I really like the dynamic pose on this figure, and I like to think that the mix of skin, fur and metal repaid the time taken.  Like his cousin from last challenge, he's ostensibly a 28mm figure, but he actually tops out at the 54mm mark.

If I remember rightly, the last one of these came in at 10 points on account him being so big and all, so we'll assume that applies to this one as well. Fits in with the 'Monstrous' leitmotif for this Challenge, anyhow!

What's next in line? Well, I don't want to miss out on any Bonus Rounds this year, so I'd best get to work, but there are so many other figs demanding my attention. Which will it be?

Stay tuned...



Wow, that is a very impressive Greenskin, Ev! 

I think the extra work you put in on both his skin tone, armour and sword really paid off (love that flint blue sword) - what an incredibly nasty brute. I also like the huge blue-grey stone head that he's vaulting from. As you say, a very dynamic model. Well done!

10 points for you Evan - Welcome back to the Challenge!


  1. Beautiful orc! When you look at him, you can hear: Waaagh!

  2. Great painting! He definitely looks like a brute to be reckoned with.

  3. Very Nice! The skintone is very effective indeed.

  4. Fantastic submission - very impressed

  5. Love this Ork, Evan! From the crude battered armor to flinty weapon. He is exceptional!

  6. That metal looks fantastic. It's really interesting to get the details on how you achieved the look. Something to aspire to.

  7. Thanks so much for the kind words, folks! I'm very pleased with how the big thug turned out.

  8. Cracking stuff Ev. Well worth the effort invested mate. It took until the third viewing before I noticed the face in the stone!

  9. Excellent work I wouldn't want this fellow charging me

  10. Lovely looking ork, really nice work!
    Best Iain