Wednesday, 31 January 2018

From ScottM: Numidian Cavalry (122 points)

My submission this week is a group of four bases of 28mm Numidian Cavalry. These figures are plastic figures from Victrix.  They went together very nicely and were a breeze to paint. I've based them up for element based games like Impetus and Sword & Spear.

Normally I struggle with painting horses, but I found a channel on Youtube called Loki Greathall and he had a number of horse painting tutorials. Most of them turned out pretty good. Now if only I could take good pictures . . .

So that's 12 - 28mm cavalry figures, should be 120 points.

From Ray

Great looking figures Scott, nothing wrong with the photos either. I've not had any experience with Victrix figures they look pretty cool. I'm not sure I could put them together though???
I'm gonna give you an extra 2 points just for the fact that you had to glue them all together beforehand, so that's 122 points!


  1. Lovely, gotta love Numidian cavalry

  2. Really nice Numidians!
    Best Iain

  3. Wow, we are having a Numidian revival this year! These look great, nice work. FYI Loki is a past heavy hitter on the challenge.

  4. Can't go wrong following Loki's advice on horses! Well done!

  5. They look excellent. Loki is a past Challenger and an all round legend. Cheers

  6. Loki is a Challenge veteran and a great painter (remember the infamous Spider?). You've done him proud here Scott - great brushwork.

  7. Very nice work on the Numedian tribesmen, Scott! Loki is indeed a fine painter and fun challenge veteran. You definitely can't go wrong following his sage advice! ;)