Wednesday, 31 January 2018

From RoyW: Star Trek Attack Wing - Star Trek Enterprise-era ships 13pts

This post shows some of my Star Trek Attack Wing repaints (though the white starship is actually belonging Star Wars Armada, if we're concerned with the facts).

2 NX-class ships and an unidentified (alien) craft
I plan on using the (white) spaceship as a light freighter in my games. It does still require a card base to be fabricated and coloured, to match the rest of the official ships.

Enterprise NX-01, United Earth's Starfleet
The first of the two NX-class starships, I've painted in a darker tone to represent it being the older of the sister ships. Having spent more time in space and exposed to 'weathering' from interstellar travel I've left the hull faded and the registration none too clear. The lights are also dimmer, in comparison to the other NX ship, possibly showing a difference in each ship's shift rotations and day/night hours.

Independence NX-08, United Earth's Starfleet
Independence NX-08 is a complete fabrication of my own imagination, the NX-class ships only running from zero-one through zero-seven in Star Trek fiction. Here's the blurb I wrote for the ship:

"NX-08 Independence

The last of the NX-class Warp-5 Starships, Independence was formerly a test vessel carrying out improvements and modifications at Earth spacedock. She was fully commissioned and brought into service at the end of the Earth-Romulan War, where she was used as a diplomatic cruiser and stellar cartography vessel.

Independence has the distinction of being a space trial vessel for new Starfleet equipment or procedures, meaning that command of the ship brings about it a level of non-conformity to other Starfleet vessels or United Earth institutions. As can be seen, in practice, through the crews use of trial uniforms and personal phaser weapons, added by the inclusion of several cases of Coalition Planet and Federation Interspecies Officer Exchange commissions into the ship's predominantly Human crew."

[the reference to the crew's uniform is due to my plans for playing 28mm skirmish games with miniatures sculpted wearing Star Trek: The Original Series uniforms - the ship models shown belonging to the chronologically earlier Star Trek: Enterprise.]

underside of Independence
Points-wise, I've no idea what these will score. To be honest, I'm not that concerned with the points. I just wanted to show what I've painted, then include the photos on my blog. Star Trek Attack Wing models vary in scale/size from model to model, so it isn't really possible to label them as one set thing.

From Ray

Excellent work Roy, I've always had a rather large soft spot for all things Star Trek, although I've never owned any figures for it myself, apart from some Star Trek action men when I was a kid. My little sod of a brother bit off Spock's nose, I never forgiven him!!
Great looking models though and I love the blurb on the Independence.
Now I've gotta admit I too am stumped for the points, but I'm gonna class the 2 larger ships as 28mm  infantry (although they're clearly not) and award you 5 points for each model. With the smaller earning 3 points.

Making a total of 13 points!


  1. Nice space ships Roy. Quite right to not let the facts get in the way of a good story!

  2. Nice Star Trek space ships, lovely work.
    Best Iain

  3. I like em... bring em along and we can turn them into space debris for ya!

  4. Set paintbrushes to stun! Lovely work, Roy!

  5. Thanks everyone.

    Dave, thanks for the offer, but I'm very capable of calculating movement wrong and flying into asteroids, myself. Doh! I don't need others to blow my ships up for me :D

  6. Fantastic work, Roy! I haven't gotten into Attack wing, but I have been playing X-wing a lot with my son. I'm still guaranteed to park a tie interceptor in an asteroid once a game! ;)

  7. Thanks again everyone.

    Yes, I'm very good at flying into asteroids in X-Wing. I've decided to go a different tack with my Imperials; TIE fighters - mainly as you only need Elite and modification cards to upgrade them. I do like TIE Bombers too, though I prefer to fly them as annoyance ships against enemies, dishing out Ion or Stress tokens left right and centre just to frustrate :)