Wednesday, 3 January 2018

From TomM: Ostermark Noble (10 points)

The first entry of the new year, and it is a bit of a small one though, as well, the first Wednesday came early to get stuff painted.  Family visits and such you know...

But to continue the steady drizzle of grabbing points left and right in the challenge, I am going to try and upload painted figures every week, and work to my target in that way.

The Province of Ostermark, in The Empire, is home to perhaps the most infamous city of the land, Mordheim.  Ever since it's destruction, the rural province has been plagued by bands of marauding Chaos followers, skittering Skaven and unlawfull highway men.

The standing army of Ostermark as such has it's hands full of keeping the province more or less safe, and the local Nobles often ride out with small parties to scour the land of any unwanted tourists.  Ostermark is also home to perhaps the most dashing uniform colours in the Empire, sporting a purple and yellow scheme (God, I hate painting yellows).

This noble as such has the barding and his clothing in the infamous eyecatcher colours, stoically observing the lands, lance at the ready.

The model is one of the older metal GW generals from the Empire, I believe he was from the era of the 6th edition somewhere early 2000s, and has been, well, lingering about 20 years in my boxes as such.  With me boosting up the Empire for a huge Age of Sigmar multi-player event at the club in august, I`m trying to put some units out and the Challenge is excellent to get of my easily distracted behind and actually work on the force while rotating with the other projects.

That is it for this first time in 2018, a simple 10 points for an 28mm cavalry figure to get the year going...

From Ray
Congratulations Tom, you are my first victim in this years Challenge, and a hearty welcome as this is your first Challenge, although not your first entry of course!
I've got to admit I know absolutely nothing about the Age of Sigmar or Empire armies, but I have painted a few figures before to flesh out my long gone 25mm Landsknecht army.
I do like the purple shading on barding of the horse. That's a colour you just don't see enough of in gaming. As you said this badboy will net you 10 points!
Do you still own that dodgy Pikachu hat?


  1. Actually, I do, it even went to Germany on a xmas market like three weeks ago x-D x-D x-D (give a guy some credit, it`s nice and warm over the ears)

  2. Nice colourful figure - love he purple horse armour. And thanks for taking the point and being Ray's first victim.

  3. That is one technicolored gendarme! Nice one Tom.

  4. Need my sunglasses to look those photos! Superb multicolor palette work

  5. Nice bit of multi coloured empire work!
    Best Iain

  6. excellent work on a cracking sculpt - I do like the face on this one, that sort of elegant buffoon.

  7. Great Work! In my collection there is also such a miniature painted in the colors of my army (Hochland).

  8. Wow! I've got one of these to paint at some point. I don't know I'd be bold enough to try a colour scheme like that. You really pulled it off in spades Tom.

  9. That's the old Baron Rutgar fig from 1998-99, if memory serves - nice to see old lead being given a new lease on life!

  10. Nice job on the old Empire general, Tom! The red really stands out with the purple and yellow armor. I quite like the definition on the horse barding. Although yellow is a rough color in large swaths, it does look very nice here!