Wednesday, 3 January 2018

From RoyW: 28mm EMP Games Assortment (31 points)

My first offering to the Challenge takes the form of six 28mm miniatures from EMP Games, though painted up for the Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot trade stand (apologies, for the shameless plug!)

First off we have three 28mm Jungle Goblins

Apologies for the "Roy@Col.Bills", its there to help should my photos be published on another forum and the person doing the redistributing fails to credit me ownership. 

I never got around to painting any of Games Workshop's Forest Goblins, so I quite enjoyed painting these 'Green-skinned' miniatures. Plenty of character to the sculpts, which made them a pleasure to paint. 

Next up are three 28mm Toadstool men.

I did go to the lengths of researching actual toadstools for the colours, but I've since gone and deleted the files with my research so I can't label the correct identities of each painted miniature - Doh!

To be honest, I wished I'd painted the markings on the 'red cap' as stylised white circles as I'm not keen on how the paint job has turned out. But you live and learn, as they say.

The finished six miniatures, all shown together.

And a bonus photo showing two, additional, EMP Games miniatures that I painted before the Challenge commenced.

Next up for me will be my contribution to the 'Flight' bonus round, then some more EMP Games miniatures - four 28mm Pineapple Tribes miniatures.


From Ray

Welcome to the Madhouse Roy, you're in for 3 months of craziness, I hope you know what you've volunteered for? 
I'm sure Stuart will be impressed to add these little devils to his stock cabinets. While not the most colourful, I do like the grey mushroom, reminds me of my old pal Fran!
Your 6 EMP figures will give you 30 points but I'm going to add an extra point for the grey muzzy!


  1. Welcome along Roy. Nice start

  2. Lovely work Roy, very amusing. Those fungi look any thing but fun guys...I;ll get my coat.

  3. Those are some cool and whacky minis. I particularly like the masked Jungle Goblin. Great work, Roy!

  4. Nice work on these fun figures Roy :)

  5. Welcome Roy. I have enjoyed a lot this batch of minis, great work

  6. Nice goblins and flora!
    Best Iain

  7. Researching actual toadstools? I salute your dedication! I hope you picked the most poisonous ones you could find given how angry they look... great paintjob and the gobboes are grand also.

  8. Such a wonderful assortment. The gobbos are particularly fine!

  9. Great start to the challenge Roy!

  10. Thank you all for your kind comments - and to Ray for the extra point.

  11. Now those are some characterful figs, Roy - Goblins are the comedy relief of the fantasy battlefield, and you've painted them up a treat!

  12. Nice little troop, Roy! I do like the shrooms, but those forest gobbos are very characterful and we'll done. The graphic circles may have worked better on the red cap, but I quite like the more accurate spots. ;)