Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Wednesday Minion Ray

That dreaded time is hear..
Yes its me at the helm, Wednesday Minion RayR!!!

The use of the words Badger's, Budgie Smugglers or Sandbags are
strictly prohibited!

Any such use will result in a swift kick in the crackers, that is one day if ever we meet.

Miles, I shall endeavour not to muck up your wonderful Stats file...
but I can't promise anything!

Here we go!


  1. Hum... technical dificulties already.. (I'm not seeing a picture) Probably not your fault....

    1. Image seems to be a problem on my computer... Never mind

  2. How about burlap sacks filed with granular silicon, nocturnal burrowing mammals and illegal importers of small parrots?

  3. What could possibly go wrong with this arrangement?

  4. I wonder why Ray feels the need to start threatening everybody in advance... Could he be insecure about his authority or is it his figure, or his strange activities concerning badgers and birds in sandbags?

  5. Ha ... budgie , budgie , budgie....

    I shall be saving my fire for next week Ray!

  6. Ray - I can not take responsibility if your antics foolishly anger the Spreadsheet Gods. They are both cruel and fickle in disposition. The last time they seemed this angry was 2008 and we know how that turned out....

    All Hail the Excellence of Excel and the Grandiosity of Google Sheets. So let it be calculated, so let it be done.


  7. Oh good lord, what have I done?